3 Common Garage Door Repairs on Residential Properties

3 Common Garage Door Repairs on Residential Properties

You don’t think about it until it happens, but when a garage door breaks, you need a quick repair. This is especially true when the weather turns colder and there’s ice on the ground or snow-covered streets to deal with. Of course, it’s not uncommon for a garage door to require some love and care from time to time even when the weather is perfect.

Garage doors have about ten different moving parts that can break down over time. When a part finally gives out, chances are the entire door will stop working. Most garage door repairs do not require extensive work, because many times a single part is in need of replacement.

However, if you’ve noticed that your garage door isn’t closing all the way, or that it’s making a strange noise when opening and closing, it’s time to read up on the common repairs garage doors require. If you get your garage door serviced when you notice problems, you can avoid getting stuck with a broken door when it’s least convenient.

1- Spring Repair

When it comes to a functioning garage door, your garage door springs do the heavy lifting — literally. Your garage door needs strong springs to help lift and close the door. However, garage door springs are one of the most common problems homeowners run into.

This is because your garage door spring has a long lifespan and usually requires little maintenance, so when they fail, it takes homeowners by surprise. Most garage door springs will last for about five years before they need to be replaced, but when they do go out, it can cause damage to your door or a serious accident.

So, if you’ve never had your garage door service, consider reaching out to your local garage door service company. Even if everything seems fine, if your garage door is aging, an inspection could save you a lot of trouble in the future.

2- Lifting Cables Repair

If your garage door springs aren’t working right, your lifting cables might be the next part of your garage door to give up. Lifting cables help manage the weight of the door while it’s being opened and closed. They can become disconnected or snap if old or under too much pressure due to faulty springs.

Just like springs, this is a repair that could prevent that foreboding snap that causes serious damage. If you’ve noticed that your garage door acting funny when it tries to open or close, it’s time for a checkup.

3- Panel Replacement

Damaged panels are easy to spot and are usually caused by intense weather or accidentally hitting the door with a vehicle. Damaged panels can cause your garage door to have uneven weight, which strains springs and cables. They can also prevent garage doors from opening or closing all the way.

Although it seems like a massive fix, garage door panels are actually made up of different sections. Because of this, garage door panels repairs can usually be done relatively quickly. Extensive damage will require a whole new door, however.

These are just a few of the most common repairs for garage doors. If you’re hearing sounds, your door is straining to open and close, or you just know something is off, it’s best to have a garage door repair professional come take a look to avoid further damage.

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