Five Blocks: A Tech Driven Digital Reputation Management Firm

Five Blocks is a tech-driven digital reputation management company. The boutique firm has a comprehensive understanding of the value of digital reputations for brands, companies and individuals in today’s digital world. While maintaining their headquarters in Israel, the firm has collaborated with dozens of the most sought after public relations firms in North America – assisting those firms with their clients digital reputation needs.

Five Blocks provides expert, confidential consulting, using proprietary technology and data analysis to build and protect their clients’ digital reputation. The company has an ethicist on staff who ensures that the clients the firm takes on are consistent with the company’s and their founders’ values.

As Sam Michelson the company’s CEO is fond of saying, search is the gateway to your company’s reputation. Michelson has successfully led the growth of the company. Just last month, the firm was included in AdWeek’s annual list of fastest growing agencies.

As the digital world continues evolving, agencies like Five Blocks will continue serving an important role helping clients navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of managing their online profiles.

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