Tips For Marketing Yourself As A Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, you are responsible for your hustle.  You get what you give in this line of business, and you’ll have to know how to market yourself to become a successful real estate agent.  

You have to know how to get the word out about your services to really get the ball moving forward in your career.  Take some time now to read through a few helpful tips on marketing yourself as a real estate agent, and look forward to busier days ahead.  

Create a website for your services

Every successful real estate agent has to have a great website.  Business is an online game today, so make sure you’re current with the culture.  Your website serves as your digital business card.  

A great website will provide all the information the public needs to know about your services, so they can make a decision on whether or not you are the right fit for their needs.  Make communication easy for individuals to initiate too.

Set up social media profiles 

You likely already have your own personal profile on Facebook and Instagram, but make sure to set up separate profiles for your business in real estate.  You can better target followers through a business account, and you don’t want to mix your personal life with your business persona.  

In fact, make sure your personal accounts are all set to be private.  Even then, don’t post anything that would bring bad PR to your name.  Your reputation is synonymous with your name as a real estate agent.  Keep it clean.  

Stock up on business cards 

You should never be caught without a few business cards on your person.  Marketing yourself depends heavily on your face-to-face interactions with prospective clients.  

You need a business card that has your picture, your number, your business address (or website), and your email address.  Give people all the tools they need to get back in touch with you in the future.  

Get listed on real estate sites 

You should be using relevant real estate websites to market your listings and yourself.  Make sure your face shows up on all of the most popular real estate sites, and add your best testimonials too.  

People like to hear all about other people’s experiences before they spend their money on services.  Put your best foot forward with a great image and a long list of shining testimonials.  

Invest in direct mail marketing

There is no doubt that you have to invest in digital marketing efforts as a real estate agent, but you shouldn’t overlook the potential of direct mail marketing.  Direct mail actually gets a better response than email or paid search ads.

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