How The Brokenness Of Your Past Can Lead To Empowerment With Jason Preston

Everyone wants to attain empowerment because of its beneficial impact on a person’s health and career. Empowerment can boost your self-confidence. And experts believe that self-confidence makes your body and mind healthier. 

Unfortunate events in one’s life can sometimes serve as the catalyst to develop empowerment. Like in the case of prospective Congressman Jason Preston, he went through a devastating situation when his parents divorced, that paved the way to empowerment. Hence, Jason Preston said that painful situations could help clear the course so you can empower yourself.

Jason Preston had his fair share of challenging periods in his life. However, he overcame it and got himself back on track. Now, Jason uses life’s lessons to overcome brokenness and pain to help Utahns get through their most brutal fight and unleash their God-given potential.

Life-Changing Experiences

When he was 12, his parents got divorced. The next decade was full of a series of moves; trouble in school; and generally turning into a rough person. When he was 19, he white knuckled his way to sobriety and eventually served an honorable full time mission.

He married, had children, and by all outward appearances was doing really well. After founding the Tour of Utah and a Dental branding company, he realized he knew very little of the psychological damage his parent’s divorce had on him as a child. Eventually, he was divorced, estranged from all his closest relationships, and struggling physically and mentally more than he ever had. 

Mr. Preston recalled that he had to endure the excruciating pain, both physically and emotionally and spiritually, and said that his brokenness was beyond broken.

Discovering Empowerment

“Everything that is happening to me is affecting my children as well. It suddenly struck me that I am responsible for my wife and children and not only myself. It all came to me that whenever I am suffering, they are also suffering. Whenever I am walking in the dark, my children are also going through the same thing. I asked myself why I am letting these things happen to my children,” Jason Preston shared.

Jason decided that it was time to pick up the pieces and rebuild his life for the sake of his children. He realized the reason for his life is to serve God and do His will. “I overcame my brokenness by embracing positive statements in my life. To imbibe positive thoughts each morning, I told myself positive things when I woke up and to put my day on the positive side,” he said. In addition, he started writing a What I am Thankful For List. It is a daily list of everything good about his life. “It was one way of reminding myself that despite all the bad experiences that I had, there is always something good about my life every day,” he explained.

“My goal in running for Congress,” said Jason, “is to help save the Constitution of the United States of America. Getting elected into office won’t do that, but my prayer is that along the journey we can wake up and educate a frustrated Nation to the point that they will be armed with the sword of truth and take back their freedoms.”

Jason Preston Can Empower You

Jason Preston is also a powerful speaker and accomplished writer who compiled several books on the power of families to build back our broken nation.

Start your journey towards empowerment now with Jason Preston!

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