Spotless Window Cleaning for Clearer Panes

window cleaning on skyscraper

There is nothing more frustrating for homeowners following a thorough window cleaning than sitting down and discovering missed spots. From streaks and smudges to handprints and cloudy films, keeping windows clean is often a challenge. People can enjoy looking out their clean windows more often when they have the right equipment and use the same cleaning techniques each time.

Gather the Necessary Window Cleaning Equipment

A window can only get as clean as the quality of the equipment used to wash it. To start the process, homeowners should fill a five-gallon bucket with water and add a small amount of dish soap. They will also need a scrubber or sponge, a small microfiber cloth, and a squeegee measuring approximately 10 to 12 inches. A ladder and a ladder stabilizer will be necessary to reach tall windows on the outside of the home.

Homeowners should make sure that the rubber blade on their squeegee is sharp. If not, they should replace the blade before starting to wash the windows. A dull blade will not be helpful to remove set-in stains and it could leave streaks on the window.

Start by Soaking the Windows

After gathering all window cleaning supplies and checking the condition of the squeegee, the next step is to begin washing each pane with a handheld sponge full of soap and water. A strip applicator works best for larger windows. The next step is to remove the remaining soap and water with a squeegee. Homeowners should avoid using paper towels to dry windows since they only move dirt around and leave streaks.

When cleaning single-pane windows, the most efficient process is to position the squeegee at the top and drag it downwards. For multi-pane windows, cleaning experts recommend positioning the squeegee on the left of each window. Start by moving the squeegee continually from left to right and then top to bottom until completing  each pane of the window. Window washers should stop periodically to wipe off the squeegee. They may also need to use a bristle brush to loosen dirt with set-in stains.

Don’t Forget the Window Tracks and Screens

Cleaning the tracks and screens of windows requires a different approach from cleaning the windows themselves. Homeowners should start by sprinkling small piles of baking soda into each window track. Next, they need to use a spray bottle to dampen the baking soda and wait up to 10 minutes for it to change into a foam.

Once this has occurred, use an old toothbrush to scrub the entire frame and loosen the dirt. The last step is to pick up the loosened dirt with paper towels and throw them away. Be sure not to leave any window frame wet since this could encourage mold and rot to develop.

Homeowners will need to remove each screen to get it clean. The best way to accomplish this is by running a soft brush over the screen or scrub it with soap and water using an old toothbrush.

These methods require a little more effort, but homeowners should not have to repeat their work anytime soon. They can sit back and relax knowing they won’t see marks on the windows they just finished cleaning.

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