10 Reasons to Try Out Everlasting Comfort Chair Cushions

Did you hear the news? Self care is in, and discomfort is out! Okay, maybe that’s been the case since forever, but the point remains the same. Finding new ways of making our life experience feel luxurious should be a priority, and there are tons of products out there to help you achieve that goal. But those other products can take the back seat, because so many people have their eyes on the latest and greatest in posterior pleasure – the Everlasting Comfort Chair Cushions.

1. Because Life Takes You to Uncomfortable Places

We don’t always have complete control over where we find ourselves, but no matter where our travels take us we can look back at uncomfortable seating from the rear-view mirror. Whether you are on the bleachers of a sports game, or parked on the tarmac for an all-day trip, you can keep yourself floating on cloud 9. 

2. Because You Value Your Spinal Health

The way you sit can actually have a significant impact on your spinal health. Sometimes seating may result in us leaning in such a way as to distribute the muscle and fatty tissue of our backsides and put as much distance between our pelvic bones and the hard seating as we can. In turn, this can strain the muscles and tendons in the lower back and cause chronic pain before we even realize what is happening. Your back is something that you want to take good care of, because it’s what holds you up and the last thing you want is any more aches and pains in your busy schedule.

3. Because Sciatica is a Real Pain in the Cushion

Nerves run all throughout your body, but certain areas are at a higher risk for getting pressure related pain, or getting pinched. If you’ve ever left a wallet in your back pocket while on a road trip, you may be woefully familiar with what we’re talking about here. A chair cushion can help make sure that the seats don’t get the better of you and gives you the lift that you need from harsh surfaces.

4. Because Memory Foam is a Dream Come True

Memory foam revolutionized comfort. It’s no wonder that they use it to make these chair cushions, allowing them to respond to the heat and pressure from your body to conform itself to your own unique shape and give it optimal support in any given situation. After use, it springs back into shape until you’re ready to use it again.

5. Because Your Hips Are Important

As some pop songs say – your hips are the most honest part of the body. But one thing is for certain, they’re important to helping you walk and navigate the world. They’re just another part of your body that you should take the best care of before they cause an issue later on. This is a great opportunity for post workout relief, or after athletic 

6. Because It’s Non-Slip Bottom Keeps You Stable

Not all cushions are created equal. The Everlasting Comfort cushion, however, has a specialized bottom of its own which gives in a non-slip advantage which would help keep it from sliding out from under with you. An embarrassing slip is the last thing you want when going to sit down – and even worse would be winding up as a ‘viral video’.

7. Because it Has its Own Cooling System

When it comes to this cushion, you’ll never have to worry about being in the hot seat. It has a network of channels throughout the memory foam that allow airflow and prevent you from getting too toasty down-under while having to sit for extended periods of time. This is a huge help throughout busy workdays and long travel trips.

8. Because it is Sleek and Discreet

Instead of being a bulky and medicinal looking cushion, the Everlasting Comfort cushion is low profile and available in a variety of colors which make it easy to match with anything else in your aesthetic. It’s also slim enough to fit within virtually any medium sized bag to travel along with you!

9. Because it Will Shape to Your Unique Body

Not only is the base shape already the ideal form to support your hips, back, and coccyx – the unique contouring of the memory foam is made to shape and embrace your backside in a way to ensure that you have the most comfort in addition to the ergonomic support and health benefits of optimized posture.

10. Because it Has A Lifetime Guarantee

What more testifies to a company’s confidence in their product than a lifetime guarantee? With this level of protection, you can be sure to get the quality you need. Get the top notch and security to know that no matter what happens they’ll have your backside.

Your butt deserves the best, just as much as the rest of you! The Everlasting Comfort chair cushion is a surefire way to get the most luxurious comfort out of taking care of your body.

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