Call Parkwood Plumbing To Replace Gas Heater

Sometimes your gas heater takes an immense amount of time to heat a room. However, cool down fast. This is a sign that you need to go for Parkwood plumbing services. It’s significant to let your gas heater properly checked as it might need maintenance or replacement. 

Many people look for a gas heater than an electric heater because they have high efficiency and less operating cost. Therefore, it makes sense to detect the signals of your gas heater before it’s completely damaged. 

Let’s know some indications that gas heaters give:

Takes a Long to Heat

The very easy way to identify the poor functioning of your gas heater is when it is taking a long time to heat. Despite heat setting plugins or switches to the maximum degree, your gas heater may not work properly. Just like your hot water system where you’re waiting for the shower to heat up but taking time to heat. It’s significant to have gas water heater services on time- as much you’ll delay, the more plumbing cost you’ll bear. 

Unusual Smell 

In case you detect some acrid or sulfuric smell when using your gas heater, then call the plumbing services near you. This is due to some leakage which should not be neglected as it can be risky and can burst. Moreover, the unusual smell contains contaminated gases like carbon monoxide. It can cause headache, nausea, shortness of breath, weakness, etc. Make sure to turn off the appliance quickly once you detect the bad smell. 

Old systems 

Some people are in the habit of not having timely service of gas heaters which make the system poor gradually. Maintenance and services are crucial parts of gas heaters and other appliances. 

Gas connection should be certified, and it’s highly recommended to get it checked when there is a gas leakage around your domestic or commercial premises. Australian governments are imposing penalties if dangerous appliances are not serviced, certified, and insured. Replace the old systems with new ones if it’s essential. 

Find out the local plumber near you to do plumbing and gas fitting inspections, maintenance, & replacement. 

Lastly- Important Guidelines by Australian Government

Get your heater serviced if:

  • service is not done for two years.
  • you recognize a yellow flame
  • the pilot light goes out suddenly
  • there are signs of discolouration of the walls or heater panels 
  • you feel extreme hot when you touched the walls
  • there are black stains around the heater.
  • there is any sign of trouble.


  • have plenty of ventilation to let fresh air in and fumes to go out
  • avoid using exhaust fans in the bathroom or kitchen in case of open-flued gas heaters. It may cause carbon monoxide to emit, which is dangerous for your health,
  • clean your heater when it’s off or in cool condition to reduce dust build-up 
  • prevent children from touching very hot surfaces
  • keep all flammable materials at least one metre away from the heater

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