4 Things You Should Know When You Buy A Computer Monitor

Most people underestimate computer monitors. This is a shame since you need to buy a really good monitor that will offer the best possible viewing experience for you. While most computer enthusiasts have no problem in spending thousands on a desktop PC, the monitor is so often purchased just based on price. Do not do this!

The monitor will influence absolutely everything that you will do with your PC. A gaming monitor is not a best fit for an office environment and vice versa. If you want to buy the best possible monitor for you, here are the things that have to be taken into account at all times. Do not just blindly trust your financial habits as you might be mistaken when buying computer monitors.

The Resolution Problem

Many manufacturers use resolution as an important selling point. While it is completely true that the image will be sharper when resolution is higher, there are downsides that have to be acknowledged.

You need to think about size of icons and text. When increasing resolution, everything you see on the computer display is smaller. This might not be a problem for you but for many it actually is.

In order to see if this is a problem, just look at a 1080p resolution 21 inches monitor. The text on such a monitor is often considered to be really small by users.

Also, remember that LCD monitors work properly when displaying images at native resolutions. If you have a graphics card that is not powerful, resolutions have to be manually changed. This is especially true for gaming.

Image Quality Cannot Be Analyzed In Stores

Whenever you buy monitors or any device that has a display, you need to not be blinded by what you see in stores. This is due to the lighting used in such stores. Everything is brighter than normal home environments. Distractions also exist so eyes cannot actually be trusted.

Reviews are always a much better source of information than what you see in stores.

Details Are Important

You cannot simply look at the panel. As an example, the cheaper monitors have stands that are made out of inexpensive plastic. These can so easily crack and you do not get access to truly ergonomic adjustments.

Then, we have connectivity. You can look at two monitors that look identical but when you look closer, one may offer 4 inputs while the other has just one. Some monitors even have USB hubs that can be really useful for you.

Last but not least, don’t forget about warranty. The cheaper monitors often have a warranty of just one year. Expensive models can even have a warranty of 5 years.

Always Think Long-Term

When it comes to computers, technology advances at a huge pace. The same cannot be said about monitors. Something that was built 5 years ago might still be a really good monitor for most people.

Monitors are always reliable if purchased properly. Many businesses actually use such devices that are close to 10 years old. Always buy a monitor thinking that you will use it for a really long time. The cheaper monitors are definitely appealing. However, they do not have many input options and image quality might be too low for you.

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