Michael Coppola – Why Your Home Needs Cybersecurity Now More Than Ever

There isn’t much that web security guru Michael Coppola doesn’t know about cybersecurity and recently he has been trying to remind homeowners of just how critically important it is that they have proper security at home. There are so many people across the country who fail to have the right type of cybersecurity in the home, something which experts like Michael are trying to change.

What many of you may not realize is that now more than ever before, it is important that you are fully protected with your devices and your home network, and here is exactly why.

Easy Targets

Many think that hackers only go after businesses where they can steal a great amount of sensitive information which they can then sell on. This is right to some degree but what many fail to recognize is that a residential property is one of the easiest places to hack, because they know that the security will be very basic, outdated or non-existent. It can happen and it does happen, so be on your guard.

Online Action

To give you a brief of the type of thing that people will look to steal in a hack, they are going to aim for passwords first which get them into areas where there is sensitive information. From here they will seek out store cards, credit card information and bank details, they may also go for social security numbers and the like. There are two reasons why they steal this information, the first is for card fraud whereby they will purchase goods with your money, and the second is ID fraud, where they will steal your entire identity and create a life as you. As you can imagine, both of these are awful things to happen. Because more people are at home for longer periods of time now, we are constantly signed into Ecommerce sites and areas where we have sensitive information, making these hacks very easy indeed.

Troubled Times

Just imagine how many people there are with the ability to hack into a system, your system, who perhaps are down on their luck after the last year, maybe they lost a job or maybe their spouse lost some income. When your family is facing financial hardship then you will go to whatever lengths are necessary in order to get what you need for them, and this is always the sort of time when crime increases.

What we can see here is that when these three things combine, desperate people, easy targets and plenty of online action which increases the ease of theft, we can see exactly why the threat level is higher than usual. All of this can be resolved for residents however through the purchase and the upgrading of security software which is in place to look after all of the networks and the connections in the home.

Make sure that you make the small investment required.

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