Who Is Liable for My Slip and Fall Injury During My Hotel Stay?

Slip, trip and fall accidents can occur anywhere right from the sidewalks, parking lots, shopping complexes to even the top hotels out there! These accidents usually result in severe injuries or can even cause permanent disabilities. If you have been involved in a fall while on a hotel premise you may be eligible to claim compensation from the hotel management. 

Understanding Liability and Proving Negligence in Hotel Slip and Fall Accidents

Any slip, trip and fall occurring on the hotel premises including room, staircase, swimming pool, hotel shuttle buses, and similar other services are governed by the hotel premises liability. It is the duty of the hotel management to inspect the premises, and conduct regular maintenance and repairs to avoid any dangerous situations. Additionally, the hotel management is responsible to post a sign that warns the guests of the potential hazards or cordon the area. 

It is very important to understand the circumstances where hotel management can be held liable for your slip and fall injury. This involves demonstrating that the hotel had a duty of safety towards you and a breach in this duty resulted in your accident and injuries due to negligence. 

Some of the common causes of slip and fall accidents occurring in hotels include

  • Water spillage around the pool area, in the lobby, or in the bathroom due to leaking pipes. 
  • Slippery marble flooring or similar slick surfaces.
  • Poorly maintained and worn out common areas including broken stairs, torn carpeting, dimly lit hallways, uneven pavements, and faulty escalators and elevators. 

It is important to understand that the liability of hotel management in unsafe conditions depends on if the management was reasonably aware of such dangerous conditions. For example, if dangerous obstacles in the hallway contributed to the fall then it is the management’s fault. However, if someone dropped an item and another person tripped over it minutes later, then the management may be able to reasonably argue that they were unaware of the hazard and did not have enough time to fix it.

Injuries and Damages in Hotel Slip and Fall Accidents 

Any slip and fall can result in severe injuries such as broken bones, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, head trauma including brain injuries, and soft tissue injuries. It is crucial to seek medical help immediately after your fall even if you think your injuries are minor as injuries may not appear immediately after the fall. The hotel’s insurance companies may also try to disregard your claim compensation by alleging that your injuries are not serious if you do not seek medical attention promptly. 

In the event of a fall, you are eligible to receive compensation for the following:

  • All medical expenses including those that may be incurred in the future.
  • Loss of wages and future earnings.
  • Mental and emotional pain and suffering.

How Can A Good Personal Injury Lawyer Assist You?

It is suggested to hire an experienced personal injury attorney after your slip and fall accident as they can review your case and negotiate settlements on your behalf. Insurance companies may not provide you with a reasonable settlement for your damages and injuries however, a legal expert can use their negotiation skills to ensure you receive maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve.

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