PC or Console? Differences Explained by Iceberg Gift Cards

The PC versus console gaming is nothing new today. This debate has been around since forever, and it’s still gathering tons of gamers of all profiles and backgrounds. Every gamer has their own opinion about which gaming option is better in terms of providing the player with the most exceptional gaming experience. 

Well, it isn’t that simple. Both PC and console have their ups and downs, which is why Iceberg Gift Cards have decided to share some light on the subject. Iceberg Gift Cards is the leading brand in selling games and gift cards such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Xbox One, and so much more.

With long years of experience in the gaming industry, the brand has a lot of information that can be very useful when you need to decide which one to choose. Each has its merits and gathers a specific target audience. 

While it all comes down to the gamer’s personal preference, these few differences can help you determine which solution suits your gaming needs the most.

Powerful Gaming PC Allows You to Play Games with Better Graphics

This decades-old debate always starts with the main argument that favors PC gaming and relates to the hardware inside the latest, powerful PC machines that can easily outperform console components like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. 

The result is a wider range of games you can play at smoother, higher frame rates on PCs. However, this advantage of a PC gaming platform over the console comes at a very high price. 

To play games with such settings, you’ll need a very powerful PC that can support such a resolution and a high level of detail. If you invest in a strong machine once, you won’t have to do it again for some time, and you’ll get smoother gameplay with better graphics.

The Steam

Steam is a multipurpose platform that allows the users to launch, buy, and browse games. The platform also offers much better terms than any of the online stores such as PlayStation or Xbox One. According to Iceberg Gift Cards, Steam game sales are far superior to on any other similar platform.

 Steam users can get older, popular game titles at top discounted prices that you won’t be able to get in other console stores. While it’s true that Sony and Microsoft offer top deals and attractive commissions, that’s nothing compared to what you can get at Steam. 

Get your Steam Wallet gift card at Iceberg Gift Cards and check out their amazing offers today. 

PC Allows You to Save on Playing Multiplayer Games

One of the biggest differences between a PC and a console is the multiplayer experience. Consoles require you to sign up for the paid PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services, depending on your console. PCs don’t require you to pay to play games online. 

Even though the cost to play games online on the most popular consoles is trivial, it tends to build up over the years. You can save a significant amount in the long run by choosing to play your multiplayer games on a PC.

PC Offers a Much Wider Range of Games to Choose From 

This one here is no brainer. The PC gaming platform simply includes a much wider range of games you can choose from than any console. Even though consoles have a perk of offering their share of top exclusive games that mostly never reach the PC platform, such as Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4, PC simply offers more games. 

However, there is one even bigger PC advantage here – PC fans get to play certain games before they become available for consoles, as well as certain games that will never become available on consoles, such as LOL and WOW. Speaking of WOW, head over to Iceberg Gift Cards and get your WOW game card now.

PC Allows You to Use Game Mods to Enhance Your Gameplay

The last main difference on the list is the PC advantage of adding various game mods for games to enhance the gameplay, graphics and unlock new content, which you can never do on any console. This difference alone is enough for some gamers to stay faithful to the good old desktop computer gaming.


As you can see, Iceberg Gift Cards made a good point here by emphasizing the main differences between PC and console gaming. While the differences work in favor of the PC platform, console gaming has certain benefits and perks on its own. Pay a visit to Iceberg Gift Cards and get your Xbox Live gift card today.

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