Salim Elhila’s Insights on How to Acquire Customers Online

You have probably come across Salim Elhila in one of his YouTube videos or Facebook groups. But in case you haven’t, Salim is a successful e-commerce business mogul, who has found great success in this digital space. Coming from an engineering background, Salim has taught himself everything to get to where he is today. 

He started by selling trendy products online and then moved to create multiple e-commerce businesses. Salim has progressed  from selling products to sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs to help them acquire success. The center of his business is in the community. Salim understands how customer acquisition works, whether he’s selling products or teaching others the secrets to do so.

While it is the dream of every entrepreneur to have countless loyal customers, the digital space is quite competitive, and the process of acquiring customers can feel daunting. Here are the skills that you need if you are looking to get more customers coming your way:

  • Build a reliable sales funnel 

A sales funnel helps map out the entire customer journey from product awareness to sales or deal acquisition. By clearly identifying all the stages that the customer goes through, you can build a process that is easy for your prospects to follow. You can also eliminate any faults that may come up. All these factors improve the customer experience and make the process appear more natural and seamless. The best way to simplify the sales funnel is to consider the process that people typically follow in a brick and mortar store, and transform that into a digital store. 

  • Targeting the right clients

Mapping out the sales funnel helps you visualize your actual prospects. Having this knowledge is vital as you can concentrate your marketing efforts to target the right customers. Proper client targeting helps you to use the resources that you have more optimally, and generate high ROI on your marketing campaigns. 

  • Retargeting

Retargeting is remarketing. As you conduct product launch campaigns and marketing strategies, you get a high number of leads into your database. All these leads, combined with cold traffic coming through your website, form a vast pool of potential customers that you can attract to increase your revenue.  It will cut back on your marketing costs, in the long run. The strategy helps connect with cold leads by keeping your brand in their minds, even after leaving the website. Statistics show that 98% of web visitors don’t convert right away. this might be scary for any business, but  it is also an invitation to stop looking for more clients. Instead, you can focus on optimizing your marketing techniques to convert more customers who are already familiar with your product. 

  • Improving the customer experience

With the increased usage of social media, online businesses often find themselves at the mercies of customer reviews. Customer experience matters. Data shows that 68% of customers will decide whether to use a product or service after reading 1-6 reviews. As an online business, you need to explore different ways to build and enhance the customer experience along the way. A good website with no bugs is a must. Secondly, making the process simple and straightforward is crucial. Lastly, investing in post-purchase customer care and follow-up will help build those positive reviews and get you more clients in the long-run. 

  • Effective marketing strategies

Marketing strategies tie-in with all the processes discussed above. It all starts with fully understanding your customers and their behavior. Depending on your niche, some marketing strategies may work better than others. However, these tools might be worth trying:

Email marketing – According to, emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates. Having email sequences along with each of the customer’s journey stages is a proven way of maintaining customer interest and increasing conversion rates. 

Using content marketing – We live in a world where everyone is competing for the client’s attention. To avoid falling into the same trap, use content to connect with your audience. Through content, you can add value to your brand, by providing insightful tips and knowledge.  You can establish yourself as the authority in a particular field. There is a greater chance of winning customers using this strategy. 

Salim currently runs the  Learning Master e-learning program, where he teaches people how to create successful online businesses, and how to thrive in the digital space. Link with Salim Elhila to learn more about his work.

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