Why Should Your Social Media Strategy Include Video Marketing?

Social media is nowadays a fundamental part of digital marketing. With this in mind, it should be no surprise to know that by 2021, Cisco claims 1 million video minutes will be seen across the online world every single second. This practically means that your brand needs to start incorporating video content right now. 

The current video marketing statistics are very promising and we expect them to be even more impressive in the future. Social media strategies have to include video marketing and the sooner this happens, the better. Here’s why, according to Bloggingtub.com

Video Trends Are Mimicking User Trends

When you use digital marketing, you meet people exactly where they are. For instance, with email marketing, the practice was particularly successful when email exploded as something that was very useful and popular among people. This is exactly what happens right now with video marketing. 

According to Digital Information world, in 2017 we had 55% of the social media users watching video content every single day. This percentage is a lot higher right now. 

Keep in mind that a large part of your competition is most likely already using video in their digital marketing campaigns launched on social media. You want to give the user what he/she wants and the modern social media consumer wants to receive video. 

High ROI

Video marketing has a really high ROI right now. We know that 90% of users consider videos of products very useful when a purchase is made and 64% of people are much more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video of the considered product. 

Companies can now use video to easily explain the benefits and features of services and products sold. Instead of being dependent on salespeople, the company can simply present video content. This is very useful since consumers do often compare products and brands before buying something online. Offering the information needed in a video package is very effective. 

We should also mention the possibility of going live on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Live streaming changed the way content is consumed and created. Engagement became stronger due to the real-time component and the authenticity of such content is highly appreciated by people. 

The Efficiency Of Expiring Video Content

Expiring content practically means content that is only available for a specific amount of time. Snapchat is a wonderful example of that. At the same time, we can mention the existence of direct messages, which also usually disappear after some time. 

Many brands take full advantage of expiring video content as they go behind-the-scenes to show the company’s inner workings. In some cases, we see employees taking over company Instagram or Snapchat accounts. In other cases, expiring video is highlighted to showcase the production process of the sold product. 

On the whole, video marketing is currently vital for any social media strategy. You want to brainstorm ways to use video content in your strategy or you are missing out on a huge opportunity available for practically all social media users right now.