The Differences Between Online Learning and Sending Your Child to Preschool

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a number of schools to reconsider how they will be proceeding in terms of classes. A number of colleges have already announced that the entire semester will be virtual. For these students this might seem like a dream but all students are going to miss their friends. School is not just about learning from classes but also learning about yourself at any age. Online learning can prove extremely beneficial especially if your child learns at their own pace. The truth is that some children might take longer to get through a test or chapter due to being thorough. The following are differences to consider between online learning and sending your child to preschool.

Learning Changes Vastly

Not all children are going to have the discipline to learn online, especially when young. Children need to be engaged to learn and all children learn in a different manner. Online classes can allow children to get ahead in their learning, though classroom teaching is usually set to a certain amount daily. You need to consider how your child learns or if they are just going to play a game on the device they are supposed to be learning off of.

Social Development Can be Stunted

The pandemic has had impacts on children that might not be seen for years. During this important stage of development, social interaction with children of a similar age is irreplaceable. Parents that have their children in online classes have to make sure they have other interactions. Siblings can be a valuable source of companionship during this time of social distancing. Even other family members like a cousin can be perfect to help your child develop. The truth is that your child will learn far more when attending a physical classroom. They will interact with a larger number of children which is important. Child development specialists that are employed at top preschools understand activities that can foster this development.

Shy Children Might Not Break Out of Their Shell

A number of young children might be extremely shy due to interacting exclusively with family members or a few friends. Breaking out of this shell can be important, although your child will likely retain some of their shy habits. Online learning might allow a child to do this but it is unlikely.

Lessons Can be Revisited

An advantage of online learning is that lessons can be revisited. A parent might see their child struggling on a specific task, which could lead them to have them try this lesson again. Classroom learning allows for questions to be asked although some children are too embarrassed to do so. A teacher will not be able to see a child struggling online as easily as in person for the most part.

Online learning versus being in a preschool has major differences and some similarities. While every child is different., opting for preschool is likely the best decision as the curriculum at a preschool is designed to help your child succeed when entering elementary school. 

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