How Technology Can Improve Your Loss Control Strategy

How Technology Can Improve Your Loss Control Strategy

In almost any type of business, loss control is an important component in keeping workers safe, limiting the liability of the business, and making sure operating costs are kept at acceptable levels. Since a loss control strategy can involve everything from emergency preparedness and workplace safety to how time changes impact worker safety and productivity and much more, a comprehensive strategy needs to be in place to help businesses as much as possible on a daily basis. While it still takes plenty of people coming together to share ideas and formulate effective policies, technology is also playing a larger role in the loss control strategies of companies large and small. To find out how, here are some of the most innovative ways technology is improving modern loss control strategies.


Fire Protection


Since a fire can devastate a business in the blink of an eye, fire protection systems using state-of-the-art technology are helping companies in various ways. Along with being able to detect the slightest bits of smoke and sound immediate alarms, these systems are also making it much safer for employees to work in areas that before may have been considered too dangerous. Also, implementing these systems also helps to reduce the amounts of insurance coverage companies are expected to pay, allowing them to allocate this money to other areas and resources.


Supervisory Systems


While no employee wants to feel as if Big Brother is constantly watching their every move, the fact is employers need to know what most if not all of their employees are doing at all times. While this may sound like the wrong approach to take, it actually helps a company maintain its efficiency and create a workplace that is safer. As an example, many companies are now implementing various apps and other technology designed to allow them to monitor employees who drive company vehicles as part of their job. By doing so, they can monitor such things as speed, braking, and even if the driver is distracted while behind the wheel.


Simulations of Workplace Hazards


As workplaces strive to get safer and safer each year, many companies are now utilizing technology that allows them to simulate potential workplace hazards. This can be used when companies are designing new buildings, since this will allow them to examine placements of shelving and other items that could result in worker injuries. By running simulations using various software, companies can not only predict what types of accidents may take place, but also what injuries may result, how many employees per year may be injured, and much more.


Workplace Violence


Always a threat to today’s companies, workplace violence is an issue that is constantly being addressed in an effort to keep workers and customers safe. To help with this, technology is being used in various ways. For example, some stores and offices are now installing automatic locking systems that allow employees to use an app on their phone to lock doors from anywhere they happen to be at the time. Also, automatic lighting systems are now used to keep areas well-lit at all times, allowing employees and others to see exactly what may be transpiring in a location. Finally, panic buttons are available for almost any type of business, which can be linked directly to private security firms or local law enforcement agencies.


As more and more companies begin to realize the many benefits associated with using technology to help create and improve their loss control strategies, there is no doubt the workplaces of today will continue to be made much safer. Whether it involves using monitoring systems to detect fires, pipes that may be leaking or have burst, or electrical systems that may be overloaded, these and other steps will go far in helping companies keep workers and customers safe, reduce potential liability and insurance premiums, and ultimately streamline operational costs and worker productivity to keep businesses financially competitive.

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