Dr. Mark Hochberg MD on Why You Have to Stay Healthy During A Lockdown

How have you been spending the lockdown so far? Have you been giving in to temptation, lazing on the sofa marathon watching Netflix and eating your bodyweight in ice cream? Or have you taken the time to keep an eye on your health? There are many of us who fall into the latter category but the majority have given in to those vices, and that is a mistake. Experts such as Dr. Mark Hochberg MD have been educating people during this crisis on exactly why they have to maintain good health and this is why if you have been a bit lazy, you need to switch on. 


Under normal circumstances we burn a great deal of calories just by living, we walk around at work or on our commute, we are out and about most days which means that we are constantly burning off some calories. No matter how much you are managing to move around at home, it is unlikely that you are replicating the number of calories burned that you would be under normal circumstances, which is why it is important that you maintain physical activity at home, to avoid gaining weight. 


It is absolutely essential that you ensure that you are doing all that you can to keep your immune system in top shape to fight off any viruses or infections. We still don’t know how everyone is going to react to the virus and whilst a high functioning immune system may not keep the virus away, fighting against it will always be easier if you do have strong defenses. Your ability to remain healthy even if you are infected will depend greatly on how strong your immune system is. 


We don’t often get a great chance to make a huge impact on how people see us but this is the perfect time to get yourself in great and healthy shape so that when the lockdown is over. Just imagine that first day back in the office, when you walk in looking in the best shape you have ever been, especially when many of your colleagues may have gone the other way in terms of their weight and their overindulgence during lockdown. 

Mental Wellbeing

It is essential that you are doing all that you can to say mentally strong and maintain health wellbeing during this time. We are living in a situation which many of us are struggling with and that is why this is such an important consideration to make. The reason for mentioning this is that ensuring that you have excellent physical health will be the perfect way to support your mental health, because the two are intertwined. As you work out and live a healthier life you will gain more confidence and you will also be releasing chemicals in your body which help you to feel good and happy. 

A healthy lifestyle is the only way to live during these tough times.