Brand Storytelling: How to Use VIdeo to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Brand Storytelling: How to Use VIdeo to Tell Your Brand's Story

Brand storytelling is a marketing strategy whereby the seller uses a narrative to connect his brand to potential customers. It involves a focus on linking the value of your brand with your customers. A brand story includes the history of your firm, inspiration, mission, audience, and goals. While every brand has a story, some sellers find it challenging to share theirs. To come up with a brand story, consider asking questions like, what is the firm’s history, what are the company’s main characters? And what is the corporate mission of the company?

For effective delivery of brand storytelling, you must dig deeper beyond the brand’s services and products. Create something that the customers would want to be part of and show them that you understand who they are and what they need.

Significance of Brand Storytelling

Increase in Sales

Brand storytelling builds interest in your brand and makes your brand followers spread the information about your products and services hence increasing customer base. This implies that through brand storytelling, you can boost your sales.

Creates Uniqueness

Depending on your industry, the market is flooded with competitors hence making it hard to acquire more customers. However, if you partner with an experienced design agency in Hertfordshire to create a unique brand, you can stand out and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Grabs Customers’ Attention

Notably, marketers are interlopers in people’s lives; therefore, few people rely on advertisements. Every business entity needs to find an alternative approach to sell its brand while ingratiating with the customers. This approach is brand storytelling since customers are inherently interested in watching and reading fun information than reading a list of features and stats. Through brand storytelling, your prospective buyers get interested in your brand, and it can help close the deal.

Brand storytelling has proved to be active and reliable in brand marketing as it allows your potential customers to know the value, authenticity, and personality of your brand.

Tips to Use a Video to Tell Your Brand’s Story

Begin with Your Purpose

When using a video in brand storytelling, ensure that you start with your why. This includes responding to questions like, why do you do what you do, what is your mission, what passion drives your brand, which values do you believe in?

The desire to state your “why” is relevant to the customer, and it should be steered towards finding a solution to a problem, including performing actions aimed at helping the customers. Involve the audience in your brand storytelling by asking them to read out words in turns, additionally, before leaving the video session, state at least five values that state the reasons for the existence of your brand, and what motivates you.

Use Relevant Visual and Sound to Reflect Your Brand

While preparing your brand storytelling video, use everything at your disposal like music, colors, and voiceover to tell your brand story. The best way to translate your brand to video is by using relevant and visual effects that reflect on your brand.

Show Your Brand Story Instead of Telling

Video brand storytelling frees you from writing verbal narratives. Instead of telling the customer what your brand is, show them. Creativity is critical in this, do not tell your customers how they should feel about your brand, and instead, make them feel it.

Avoid focusing on yourself instead allow the story to come from potential customers. Focus on the emotions you need to create and the values you intend to communicate instead of brand messaging.

Be Unique and Creative

There are various ways through which you can share and express your brand story. Though you must stick to the values and emotions, you want to communicate. There are no rules in video brand storytelling, be creative and innovative, then come up with something new that represents your brand. Push yourself to attract the attention of your target audience. Stay true to your brand.

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