The importance of a great video marketing strategy

Web designers and developers work together on a PC in the Internet agency's office

Video marketing has come to stay and revolutionize the Internet and the way users approach the online world. 

Now that search engines are the battlefield for businesses, topping the lists of the most important searchers such as Google and YouTube should be a priority for marketers. 

However, the smartest ones have come to realize that the secret weapon they can use to improve their SEO, boost sales and increase conversions is to plan a video marketing strategy. 

Outranking your competitors on Google and social media doesn’t always require big investments or owning a bigger and more profitable business. Instead, focusing on marketing videos can be a cheap and efficient solution. 

Video marketing has several benefits for brands, since they are a strong and powerful storytelling tool to reach audiences. 

Google itself prefers video content. That’s why websites displaying videos have 53% more chances of appearing on the first places of the list.

Also, videos motivate users to stay longer on a website thus making Google rank it positively since it provides a good user experience.

While pictures and written content can be easily unnoticed, videos grab the user’s attention and allows companies to state deep messages in just a few seconds.

What’s more, there are many tools for marketers, such as CreatorKit, to add text to videos and generate multiple incentives for audiences to stop scrolling and keep watching the video. 

This type of content enables brands to talk to their target audiences in a direct, dynamic and appealing way, and this is rewarded with amazingly high engagement levels. 

In fact, most consumers (54% of them, according to HubSpot) prefer to watch marketing videos than any other type of content coming from brands.