Maison de Haj CEO Haj Gueye on embracing multiculturalism and the global mindset

The Maison de Haj brand represents over 30 years of tradition.  Chief Executive Officer Haj Gueye is a third-generation master tailor, stylist, and designer trained by his father, Barra Gueye, who was a couturier to dignitaries.  Born in Senegal and raised in France, Haj further developed his skill by working for some of the renowned fashion houses in Paris.   Early in his career, he was mentored by Gianni Versace and was credited with designing one of the most recognizable fashion silhouettes in cinematic history.  At present, he has a boutique and showroom in Chicago, Illinois.  

While the rest of the world is only catching up with multiculturalism, it has always been a huge part of Maison de Haj’s legacy.  A global citizen himself, Haj Gueye is a witness to the influence of various cultures on one’s character, creativity, and skill.  In this article, he shares the thought process involved in the creation of the global fashion enterprise’s website, as well as with the selection of the brand’s model.  

To embody the values and the aesthetic behind Maison de Haj, Haj Gueye searched for a model that represents sophistication and multiculturalism.  Haj says, “Multiculturalism is important because though there are many races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, we are still part of the same humanity. I wanted to have a model that could represent that ‘global blending’ that is currently happening as people welcome diversity.”  For the fashion industry leader, despite the challenges the world is going through right now, more people are opening their eyes to understanding and accepting these differences.  

Explains the stylist and designer, “The model we selected has a unique mix of features that, when combined, creates a timeless look.”  Maison de Haj bespoke garments have that so-called classic edge.  Haj Gueye believes that bringing an individual’s personality color to the timeless appeal of the suit will set the stage for their impactful presence.  

As for the new model for the brand, Haj notes, “He could be perceived as young, but has a sophistication in his carriage and features that offer a maturity to the clothing ensembles. Millennials and more seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals can relate to him. Blacks, whites, and all colors in between could see themselves in him.” A good bespoke suit, as Maison de Haj has proven for many years, can bring out the best traits of a person, no matter their age.   The fit, fabric, and color can be customized according to the person’s image.  

“As the son of a designer who has dressed many dignitaries across Africa and Europe, I gained a global perspective and respect for different cultures. I watched my father add value to his client’s lives, regardless of background and culture. That way of seeing others, of treating others, was embedded in me from an early age.” Haj Gueye further explains, “In this time of thoughtfulness around race, it is important to maintain a global perspective. That’s what makes the heritage of Maison de Haj special.  That is our brand.”  Now that the conversation about race has started, the style leader wants to use his platform to advocate for lasting, positive, and significant changes in society.