What’s The Difference Between Sales Enablement And Marketing?

So chances are you know what marketing is. But do you know what sales enablement is? What actually is the difference? 


With all these questions, we will not blame you if you are a bit confused. Marketing and sales work hand in hand, and the way they function together has evolved over time. 


While marketing and sales once used to be separated completely differently, they are now integrated more than ever before. 


And this is where sales enablement has come in to change the way of the marketing and sales world and the way that it can benefit you as an organization. There is a range of important differences to consider when comparing sales enablement vs marketing. Let us first establish what marketing is. 


What is marketing? 


As we alluded to earlier, the main goal of marketing has always been to capture the attention of consumers and convert them into customers. Traditionally, this was done through advertising on billboards, running digital display ads online, sending out eDMs to databases, being present on social media, etc.—anything that would hopefully send the consumer to the store! But nowadays, that no longer does the trick.


To capture the consumer today, the opportunity is shorter, the statement needs to be memorable and above all, the sales pitch needs to be personable. 


Enter sales enablement. 


What is sales enablement?


Sales enablement is here to make your life easy. Plain and simple. It combines sales and marketing tactics with advanced technology to ensure that all your eCommerce goals are achieved.  Ever wonder though how it actually works? Well, we are about to change the way you think about sales enablement and how it can actually help you! 



  • Improves the sales/customer relationship


Today’s consumers demand personalization. If you are not coming across to the consumer in the most authentic way possible, chances are you will not be getting a sales win from them.  So when you’ve got thousands upon thousands of consumers, implementing this can feel impossible. But sales enablement takes the stress out of this and makes it really simple and straightforward for you to own this space!   This making you— the salesperson—come off looking like their new best friend and a higher chance of sealing the deal with a sales win!



  • Quality sales cycles


There is a lot of hard work that goes unrecognized when it comes to getting a sale. And in the business world, time is money. Sales enablement systems work at a rapid speed to ensure that sales wins are accomplished as fast as possible! It will help your business sell more, win more and do more deals. 



  • Is the ultimate support system 


Traditional sales is hard, and can often feel lonely—feeling the burden of carrying so much stress and responsibility. Sales enablement distributes relevant training tools and resources to the correct people in your business that are ultimately the key to sales success. 



  • Is a multi-trick pony


Long gone are the days of traditional marketing and sales tactics. Sales enablement assists organizations with content management, sales training, marketing insights, and more—ensuring that you always have the one-up on competitors. Best of all, the process is able to be really customized for each organization, as there really is no one-fits-all solution to sales success. 


Sales enablement is a way in which you can now surprise your consumers with really appealing content that they are craving in a genuine way, optimize your organization’s time recourses and ability to analyze results, and make important shifts in strategy. 


Are you excited by the prospect of being able to use a sales enablement program for your own organization? Luckily, there are experts out there eager to help you get all set up and ready to go!

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