Apartment Living: Damage Free Decorating Ideas

Full length back view portrait of young Asian woman decorating new home while moving in to new house or apartment, copy space

Apartment living is great, isn’t it? You don’t have to deal with lawn care or snow removal, you can have your plumbing fixed whenever you want to without consequence, and you have the convenience of secure doors and grounds protecting you from wayward individuals.


One drawback that many experience when leasing an apartment is the inability to decorate it and express their personal style. Most leases include damage deposits, meaning if you alter the apartment in a way that restoring it causes damage to the interior, you must pay the deposit to the property owner. Finding ways to express your personal style and create an environment that feels like home to you may take some creativity, but it can be done! Consider these innovative ways to decorate your home and transform it into your own personal oasis:


  1. Temporary wallpaper


Who knew that such a product existed? Putting up a kicking design on temporary wallpaper, or getting really creative and making your own with fabric, will add color and flair to your space without doing any damage. The best part? You can take it all down and bring it with you to your next location.


  1. Add colorful art to your walls


A few well-chosen pieces of colorful and eye-catching art will instantly brighten the look and improve the feel of your home. You may choose commercial designs, look for a local artist and display their art proudly, or better yet, make your own! Embrace your inner studio artist as you consider all the possibilities for wall hanging creation and design that exist.


  1. Jazz up that coffee table


Find some accent pieces of colorful pottery, some old treasured books, and other tchotchkes that will tell visitors a little more about yourself. Make a unique display on your coffee table, your dining room table, or in any little corner that currently looks blank and bland. Your mini-display might just inspire you to create more art across your whole living space.


  1. Consider a folding screen


Folding screens are much more than room dividers; they can be a great, colorful accent against a blank wall. Find one with a pattern that you like, or get creative and paint your own. You can use this as a focal piece for your room and find accent pieces to pull a beautiful look together, even if you are on a budget.


  1. Add Eastern flair with Chinese lanterns


Chinese lanterns pair well with almost any decor theme that you have, and their bright pops of color and Eastern influence bring your space to life with unique ambience. Add them to suspended ceilings, as an accent on a coffee table, or hang them above your bed for some soft lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


  1. Green it up!


Bringing lush greenery into your palace will breathe new life into your space. Not only does it help clear the air that you breathe, it adds a cozy and comforting feeling to any room that your plants grow in. Use them for high ledges, end table refreshment, or dining room conversation pieces as you mix and match varieties to get just the right look for you.


  1. Time to throw down….an area rug!


Let’s face it—apartment floors leave a little bit to be desired. They have likely been polished or shampooed several times, and there is likely to be staining and damage from previous tenants that you can cover up quite nicely with your personal style choice. Center it with some cozy furniture and inviting art, and you have the workings of a great entertainment area for your smallish gatherings.


  1. Negotiate an accent wall


If you simply MUST have some color and variety in your space, it might be worth having a conversation with your landlord to see if painting or designing an accent wall could be an option for you. Choosing a pop of color that blends in with your furnishings will brighten up any space, and the addition of a photo mural will show your individual style and personality while displaying vacation memories, cherished friends and family, or other interests proudly. If you are going to be living there for an extended period of time, it is worth having a conversation with staff to see what your options are for making it your own space.


Style without sacrifice


With several options for brightening up your home, your only limitation might just be the belief in your ability to create a beautiful living space. Let your imagination guide you, and be inspired by all kinds of looks and style variations that can make the most drab apartment simply fabulous!