Winston Deloney, Real Estate Flipper: 4 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First Deal

It’s no surprise that a lot of professionals have found success in the real estate industry. As one of the best avenues for a budding entrepreneur to go down, the real estate realm holds opportunities for anyone to work hard, learn, and grow if they are willing. Despite these many opportunities, however, not everyone is successful. Why is that?

As a successful real estate flipper and entrepreneur, Winston Deloney knows the importance of setting and exceeding his goals.

That’s because working as an entrepreneur is difficult but can reap many benefits – especially in the field of real estate flipping, where the opportunities are limitless! 

It’s with this experience that Winston Deloney, real estate flipper, is sharing 4 mistakes to avoid on your first deal.

Lack of Savings

While many understand the importance of saving up for your first real estate venture, Winston Deloney notes that it’s always smart to save more than you think you need. One of the most common mistakes made by new real estate flippers is not saving enough for their investments, their renovations, and detours. How much does it really cost to flip a house? We’ll answer that question in another post but if you really want to know check out this article to educate yourself. 

Think of it as creating a rainy-day fund for a potential monsoon. It can be difficult to predict what’s on the horizon for your venture, but not being prepared halt the entire venture indefinitely.

Lack of Knowledge

While it is true that many professionals have gone into the real estate realm and learned their way into a level of success, everyone that has found success knows that it takes a lot of dedication, networking, and growth to acquire as much as you can take in and turn that into valuable knowledge. Real estate flippers that are not willing to invest their time into learning, expanding their real estate education, and putting it into their business will often find themselves in sticky, expensive situations that they might not immediately be able to get out of. Remember that entrepreneurship is what you make of it!

Lack of Vision

It’s often relayed that people being a career in real estate flipping with an idea of what it will bring them. However, it’s important that you make clear, concise, sustainable goals from day one. A common mistake that many new real estate flippers make is only having a vague idea of their future rather than solid goals. It’s important that with a flip, like anything, you have a strong business plan and stick to it as best as you can. 

By having a clear view, you’ll be able to see it through to the end despite any obstacles or opportunities that may come your way in the process. I covered additional real estate investing strategies in a recent piece on If you’re looking for additional strategies definitely check that piece out.

Lack of Patience

While many up-and-coming entrepreneurs dive into real estate flipping due to its lucrative, flexible, and creative nature, it also requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It will take time to see success. Oftentimes, people give up before they get there and will find that lack of patience will be their downfall. It’s important to have faith and stick to your plan to understand why people truly love the real estate flipping business!