6 Tips for Adding Water Features to Your Backyard

Do you spend a lot of time in your backyard during the summer months? If so, why not make it even more inviting for yourself and your family. Adding a water feature is one way to give your backyard a more relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. Check out the details on six water features to consider for your yard.

  1. A Small Fishpond

Putting a small fishpond in your backyard gives you the opportunity to get really creative. Plus, a fishpond is suitable for both small and large backyards. A 9 square foot pond with a border of rocks or stones around it looks attractive in a backyard. Add some lily pads and goldfish to the scene and you have an interesting water feature that’s always changing.

  1. A Water Fountain

When it comes to this water feature, you have a lot of design choices. You can choose a small solar fountain in a bowl design to sit on a wall near your patio. A solar fountain will bubble energetically as long as the sun is shining onto it. Or, you could get a fountain with a pump that runs on electricity. You can position it near an outdoor outlet or use an extension cord if you want to place the fountain further away from your home. Choose a fountain with LED lights and you can enjoy its glow in the evening. Some fountains are made in a simple bowl design while others feature several levels of stones or rocks that allow water to trickle down throughout the day. A water fountain is a dynamic water feature that is sure to contribute to the beauty of your backyard.

  1. A Birdbath

A birdbath is a traditional water feature in a backyard. There are birdbaths in a bowl design with ceramic or stone birds, frogs or even a dragonfly decorating the sides. You can get a deep birdbath and add a floating solar fountain to it for extra flair. Or, go with a shallow birdbath that little birds, butterflies, and bees will enjoy. Birdbaths are available in stone, resin, copper or even glass. One of the best things about this water feature is you can move it to different places in your yard to suit your preferences.

  1. A Swimming Pool

As far as water features go, getting a swimming pool is a big commitment. But, it’s also a lot of fun! Inground pools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the dimensions of almost any backyard. An above ground pool is another option that can be an excellent addition if you have a deck. You can put the pool near the deck and use it to access the pool.

  1. An Outdoor Aquarium

An outdoor aquarium is fairly easy to set up and it can add a lot of interest to your backyard setting. You can get an elaborate outdoor tank that’s built into your patio. Or, you can set up a smaller glass aquarium that you can move to another area of the patio if you don’t like your original location.

  1. A Wading Pool

Getting a small wading pool for your yard is another way to add interest to the area. You may be picturing a plastic, blow up kiddie pool. But, not all wading pools have that appearance. Many people have found that a circular metal horse trough makes for a unique wading pool in their yard. A round plastic stock tank is another idea for a wading pool. Plant flowers or place pots of them around the border of your wading pool to make it blend into the look of your yard.

Lastly, these are just six of the many water features you can add to your backyard to make it a more inviting place to be. Be sure to choose something that complements the size and shape of your backyard space.

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