5 Ways to Prevent Home Invasions This Summer

Home Invasion. Masked robber breaking into home at night through back door, using flashlight on cash and smart phone

When summertime comes around, home invasions start to become a more common thing. No one wants to have a stranger breaking into their home, and there are steps that can be taken to help protect a home from home invasions.


  1. A Home Should be Watched Over While the Owner is Away


One of the reasons that home invasions take place more in the summer than they do in other seasons is because people head off on trips in the summer and they leave their homes empty. Those who are thinking of going on a long trip and leaving their home empty for an extended period of time should get someone to watch over the home. They should hire someone to check up on the home regularly so that there are no signs that the home has been abandoned and so that potential intruders know that someone cares about the place.


  1. Keep the Home Visible to Keep Intruders Away


The bushes and hedges around a home tend to grow up in the summer months and create better hiding places for those who want to creep around a home and break into the place. It is important for the one who is concerned about intruders to keep their hedges and bushes neatly trimmed so that those who go by on the road have a good view of the home. The less places that a person has to hide, the less likely that they are to go up to a home and see if there is a way of getting into the place.


  1. Make Sure that Windows are Fully Closed and Secured During Summer Months


If someone uses their windows to let air into their home during the summer months, they might not bother locking the windows at night and making sure that they are securely closed. Some even choose to sleep with their windows open all through the night, giving intruders an easy way to get into the home. It is important for a person to treat their windows as they treat their doors and to make sure that they are locked before they head out of the house and before they head to bed. They should make sure that the windows cannot be easily opened by anyone outside the home.


  1. Keep Lights on at Night


If a person is concerned that an intruder may come into their home while they are sleeping, they should keep some type of light on inside their home during the night. Intruders who expect people to be gone from their homes during the summer months will turn away from a home when they notice that there is a light on in the place and someone is at home. Lights in the interior of a home can illuminate the home and let people know that someone is there, and lights on the exterior of a home can cause an intruder to be visible from the road and be unwilling to go up to the home.


  1. Consider Installing a Security System and Buy Safes


While it is important for a person to make sure that their home is protected during the summer months, investing in something like a security system can help to keep the home secure all throughout the year. Those who pay for a security system at the start of the summer will be able to rest easy as the seasons change to fall and then winter. Home safes can also be great for keeping your valuables safe. 


There are steps that a person can take to protect their home from those who want to break into it.