What are the different types of vinyl siding and their benefits?

Vinyl siding is the most common type of siding that is installed by almost every siding company in the United States, including Cavalry Roofing who we consulted with for information on the various types of vinyl siding that are requested. It is a big decision of what type and style of siding should be installed in your home that can impact the look and curb appeal. There are many variables that you can observe while choosing the vinyl siding for your home. These variables are texture, color, width, and type of insulation. Vinyl is one of the most popular and versatile types of siding because it resembles the styles of wood siding. 

Here are some different types of vinyl siding along with their associated benefits: 

Beaded Seam

You have a more remarkable shadow line with beaded seam siding. These are very expensive and each plank cut the rounded notch into the bottom edge. It is great for traditional homes and has a very clean look. It meant to last for years, which is important when you are investing in your home. 


It can be designed with wood grain. It looks like stained wood and available in vertical and horizontal installations. However, it is more durable than wood that is not porous and resistant against moisture and rot.  There is also no need to paint it and it is very easy to clean. 


It is a traditional method of siding and was first used in the U.S. It is also known as horizontal siding and lap siding. The clapboard is designated with a narrow and longboard of 4’’. It is more expensive than other siding types but gives you the best installations in terms of overall appearance, design, safety, and value. 

Traditional Lap

Traditional lap is also designed of 6” and 7” similar to clapboard siding.  Their installation starts from the bottom of the wall and its bottom plan overlaps the thicker bottom edge. This is efficient for the watershed. The significant advantage of the traditional lap is its greater resistance towards worst storms. 

Log Vinyl Siding

 Log vinyl siding gives your home rustic look, but the maintenance cost is high. They are available in a variety of styles, and the greatest benefit of it is that it does not yield to insects and moistures. It helps to withstand bad pressure and holds its color. It is so durable and can easily be painted and washed.