Sustainable Housing Trends of 2020

Sustainable Housing Trends of 2020

When it comes to home construction and design, trends come and go faster than Kardashian fashion. One thing that has remained popular in recent years is the trend of sustainable living, or home construction that is in harmony with the environment.


People looking to build and to buy these days are looking for a certain set of criteria—open spaces, a killer master suite and high ceilings. Another demand of many buyers is that of sustainability. Building and buying with the environment in mind is both beautiful and responsible; whether you are in the market as a buyer or a contractor, consider implementing these bold, beautiful, and eco-friendly strategies when looking at your next home:


  1. Natural light


Home design in 2020 is light, fresh, and airy. Natural light is good for both mind and body; it boosts your natural production of vitamin D and improves your mood by stimulating the release of serotonin, a feel-good chemical in the brain. Large windows and the use of light fixtures that simulate natural light make your spaces more attractive and desirable to live in. As an added bonus, when it is time to sell, you’ll find more potential business as a result of your use of natural light.


  1. Reclaimed, sustainably sourced materials


The use of vintage and recycled materials is on the rise, not only for their attractive look, but due to the fact that they are easy on the environment. One way to incorporate sustainable materials into your home is with your flooring–many products are now boasting sustainably sourced, recycled materials for a fraction of the cost of new flooring, and they look and perform just as well as traditional flooring. Materials like wood, bamboo and concrete add beauty and depth to your living space, and they are responsible choices for sustainable living.


  1. A blend of outdoor and indoor space


Bring the outdoors inside, or vice versa, to improve the look and feel of your home. Inviting spaces with lush greenery, outdoor patios with indoor furnishings and quality lighting, take the best of what nature offers and seamlessly blend it into your living space. As you seek to incorporate the best of what nature has to offer, you’ll find more and more ways to bring the beauty of nature indoors and the best of indoor comforts into your landscape.


  1. A focus on air quality


Proper ventilation and clean air are essentials for a healthy home; new home construction and design trends are seeking to reduce the amount of air pollutants and chemicals that could compromise your health in their plans. Recent innovations in HVAC and ventilation systems are improving air quality with new filtration systems, better quality materials, and a commitment to quality. Fresh, clean air benefits everyone trying to build a more efficient and sustainable lifestyle.


  1. Water conservation measures


Heightened awareness of a clean water shortage in other parts of the world has raised concerns about the efficiency of our homes and the way we use and dispose of water. Home builders of 2020 are jumping on the water recycling bandwagon, finding ways to recycle and regenerate water supply to make water conservation a concept that many can feel good about as they purchase and live in a green home.


  1. Solar panel integration


You can’t say “green home” without knowing the implications for solar energy in 2020; you’d be hard pressed to find a new home without the option for solar energy seamlessly integrated into its design. Gone are the days of clunky solar panels and ostentatious rooflines that scream green living; today’s solar energy options are beautiful and functional all at once. Best of all, they give you the option to reduce your energy costs and contribute to a more energy efficient future for everyone.


With the myriad of choices and options for building, buying, and living green, you owe it to yourself to check out some of your options for “going green”. Get ready to create some beautiful, sustainable living spaces for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

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