How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Charleston Real Estate

How COVID-19 Is Affecting the Charleston Real Estate

We all have our dreams lined up at the beginning of every year. One of your goals might have been to buy your dream house. You had everything set up, including your savings. However, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a negative shift in the global market. The real-estate is one of the sectors that have been affected by the rising coronavirus cases. The coronavirus has undoubtedly changed the running of the real-estate for buyers, sellers, and agents in the sector. However, even during this pandemic, you can still go ahead and purchase your dream house. Charleston real estate market is witnessing a tremendous change during these hard times. However, they are still in operation, but several changes need to be made.


Changes that Charleston real estate has adopted due to Covid-19


Coronavirus will continue to harm every industry in the world. One of the sectors that are witnessing a shift due to the virus is the real-estate. However, even with these changes, investors are still consulting Charleston real estate agencies intending to buy a home, and sellers are still interested in keeping their houses on the market for as long as possible. One significant change that Charleston will witness is the reduced number of sales in the preceding weeks or months. There will be a reduction in the interest rates, and a decrease in the name of homes put up in the market.


According to the town of Charleston, real estate is part of the essential businesses, and therefore agents are still at work. The move was necessary because the real estate sector would ensure the economy of the city would remain afloat even during the trying times. People also need access to shelter, especially during this period when staying at home is necessary to reduce the spread of the disease. Charleston’s real estate agencies  are conducting most of its showcasing activities online.


In case of a planned meet-up, the agents will only meet up with one or two clients. The agents and clients will need to practice social distancing, and the houses need sanitizing before and after the visits. Before the pandemic, Charleston had not been making much profit from high-end properties because most people preferred to purchase cheaper homes. With the epidemic, the sale of these high-end properties will certainly decrease tremendously. Charleston real estate agencies have had to cancel any events that require social gathering. These events include office and company meetings, grand openings, and various community events.


Proper tips for property buyers and sellers during the pandemic


To minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus, the Charleston real estate market has to take several precautionary measures when the buyer and clients have to meet. Sellers and buyers need to meet the following guidelines:

  • Ensure that you are perfectly healthy. Also, you must make sure that your other family members are not sick. In case you or your family members are not feeling well, you need to notify the office and your client.
  • Sanitize your home. This means that you should ensure that all the surfaces, including door knobs, window seals, stair rails, are wiped using a disinfectant. You should also provide hand sanitizer to your buyer before and after the visits. The buyer should also carry their hand sanitizer, and if possible, refrain from touching surfaces.
  • You should capitalize on digital marketing. This method is the most proper way of handling this situation. You can choose to showcase your property through video platforms such as Zoom and Facetime. Buying and selling houses via these platforms is not entirely new practice.



Charleston real estate agents  know that shelter is essential. As such, they are open to ensure that you get the best deals on houses during this Covid-19 pandemic and that you have a safe and comfortable dwelling as you spend most of your time at home.

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