How Will COVID-19 Affect the MCAT Test?

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe in unprecedented fashion and impacted almost every aspect of daily life. As a result of this deadly virus, many academic facilities, including schools, colleges and universities, have had to close their doors for the foreseeable future. 

These closures have meant that almost all exams have been cancelled, including the MCAT exams. The AAMC has been closely monitoring guidance from both the CDC and the WHO regarding COVID-19 and upcoming exams, but for the present, all exams have been postponed. 

Here’s what students preparing for the MCAT need to know about these delays and what they can do in the meantime:

MCAT Test Dates Postponed

The postponement of MCAT exams has understandably caused a lot of stress and worry for students. Students who have spent months carefully planning for their exam date are now faced with the uncertainty of not only when they will be able to take the exam but also how this delay will affect the status of their medical school applications.

That said, the AAMC recently released an update on new testing appointments that could show a promising future for prospective test takers. According to the association, they are adding 3 new dates to the 2020 MCAT testing calendar, as well as adding morning and afternoon sessions on exam days.

They have also noted that they will be implementing careful health and social distancing measures at test centers and that they will expedite MCAT score reporting for certain dates to reduce delayed delivery on students’ applications to medical schools. While the current registration system does not allow scheduling for the new dates added, announcements to reopen the system are in the works.

Online Resources for the MCAT Test 

The good news is that while the MCAT exams have had to be postponed, there are plenty of online resources that you can take advantage of to help boost your chances of exam success while you wait. While it may not seem ideal to be stuck in quarantine without a guaranteed test date, using this time to your advantage by exploring the latest online MCAT study resources could be just the boost you need to get the score you’re hoping for.

MCAT test prep and GAMSAT preparation resources online can range from practice tests to study scheduling tools and more. You can create customized plans that include visual study, flashcards, and even consulting from an expert. You can also join online study groups that allow you to learn alongside other students who are also prepping for the MCAT.

While you wait for further announcements from the AAMC, experts recommend that you create new study plans. Restudy topics you’ve struggled with in the past. Undertake further practice tests to give yourself a better idea of what to expect when you take the exam. While you may have been doing many of these things already, adding new resources to your studying and reinforcing what you’ve already learned will only help you increase your score.

It can certainly be stressful not knowing what the future holds for the MCAT exam and how exactly it impacts admission across various medical schools. But the wealth of online resources and practice exams can be highly valuable for students who now have a little extra time to enhance their studying. Take advantage of these resources so you’re ready for future AAMC announcements and pending test dates.

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