Passport Photo Maker: Massive Helper for Photo Studios and Freelancers

Are you trying to make it in the photography business? Or looking for some insider tips to improve your company’s key indicators and attract more clients? Then give a try to a software that will help you take photos for documents and maintain your business most efficiently. Passport Photo Maker reduces the amount of time you spend on editing, contains many one-click solutions and an extensive database of photo requirements for any ID type, being a great helper for a freelance photographer or a photo studio owner. 

Choose from over 130 Templates

When you do passport and visa photography, you ought to know the latest requirements. Unfortunately, they tend to change quite often, making it difficult to keep up. This passport photo creator has a constantly updating built-in database with ID types for over 130 countries. Simply choose the right document: driving license, international passport, visa, student’s ID and more, pick a country, and you will get access to the complete list of requirements.

Crop automatically & Edit quickly

The program has one-click solutions to accelerate your workflow. When you pick a country and an ID type, the passport photo editor will automatically crop your photo according to the requirements. If your photo needs some editing, you can adjust contrast and color balance, remove red eyes and change the background right in the program. Besides that, you can replace clothes with a more formal look from the extensive gallery. To discover more advanced editing tools, go to Photo Retouching and try out the Clone tool to remove skin blemishes and Dodge tool to lighten some areas.

Discover Printing Options

Would you like to save money and help our planet all in one go? You can print as many photos on one piece of paper as you can fit. Furthermore, create passport size photo printing templates, which you can reuse later to save time. And don’t forget to put your logo on the printing paper that will help to will turn one-time clients into recurring ones.

Check out the Management Tool

And here is the goldmine for entrepreneurs – integrated business tools, which help you maintain and grow your photo studio. Display your current orders with Order Statistics tool to get a comparison with the previous periods and have a deeper sales analysis. Besides that, you can look at the graphical representation of your data: revenue, number of orders and average order cost. All these tools will help you to enhance your business, get more clients and increase sales.

As your business grows bigger and you have more and more clients, use the Client Database tool to keep track of them. Passport photo templates will be automatically saved here thus giving you a nice overview of your customers. The built-in database search engine will help you find your clients quickly and reduce the waiting time. Additionally, set a password for all important business tools and protect your data. 

Starting your business by making professional passport photos is a great idea – get a loyal customer base and then you can expand easier. Primarily, with the help of this program, you will better your business and boost sales in no time. Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a frequent traveler, Passport Photo Maker will make your life easier and let you save some money. 

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