International School Bangkok Jobs Vacancy

An International School in Bangkok Jobs Vacancy is a Chance to Excel

Do you dream of teaching in a quality school with lots of resources that make teaching exciting and rewarding? Perhaps you should explore the option of pursuing a job vacancy at an international school in Bangkok

International schools in Bangkok have job vacancies that can take your career in education to an entirely different level. These schools tend to hire only the brightest and best teachers. They also tend to hire only those with prior teaching experience and complete teaching credentials. 

If you want to pursue a job vacancy at an international school in Bangkok, you should be prepared to make a commitment as well. Schools like to establish continuity with their staff as a reflection of stability in providing a continuous education as the student’s advance through the years. 

This commitment also serves the school in being to continue the values of their vision and mission in providing a quality education from the student’s early development to their secondary school years. 

Devoting Yourself to a Career in Education

Whether you’re a Thai national or a foreigner, you’ll be expected to want to make a career in education, and have the resume to back-up this fact. This is because these international schools have a reputation to uphold and academic rankings to maintain. The teachers who teach at these schools will be expected to devote themselves to providing a quality education to their students day and day out. 

Unlike public schools in Thailand that hire English-speaking teachers based on a TOEFL certificate and a good work attitude, international schools tend to hire only those experienced and qualified professionals who fit the school’s values and curriculum. 

You should be looking for a long-term position where you can fully spread your wings and improve the lives of your students.

What to Expect Teaching in an International School

You’ll need to be open-minded and excited by the opportunity to teach and interact with students from many cultures. As Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, pursuing an international school in Bangkok job vacancy means that you likely will be teaching the children of embassy staff, foreign service career individuals, and multinational business people. Many of your students will come from all around the globe.  

Most of the international schools in Bangkok also follow either a British or American-based curriculum, so you should be able to converse and teach fluently in the English language and be comfortable in teaching the curricula that the school is offering. 

If you feel that this job fits your qualifications and career goals as well, a job vacancy in an international school in Bangkok can be your life’s goal. International schools in Bangkok often pay very well. You can easily afford to support a family and live a nice lifestyle. 

You’ll also be living in a cosmopolitan city that is the world’s most popular city to visit. You’ll enjoy a relatively low cost of living compared to other countries around the world and have plenty of opportunities to explore the beauty of Thailand in your time off during school holidays.

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