Buying a House for Sale in Bangkok

Pros and Cons of Buying a House for Sale in Bangkok

If you’re looking to buy a house for sale in Bangkok, the area where you’re looking to buy can determine not only the number of choices you have but also have a significant effect on the price for the home.

Homes in Bangkok near the CBD, are increasingly designed to justify the cost of the land. The developers generally have two ways they can recoup their expenses for the land acquisition costs. They can build a single-family dwelling that is beyond luxurious and offers multiple bedrooms and spacious living areas, a swimming pool and expansive gardens. Or they can build multiple dwellings on the lot. These dwellings are generally townhouses or homes with a small footprint but multiple stories to make up for the limited land area.

Prime Secondary Areas in Bangkok  

But if what you’re looking for in a house for sale in Bangkok falls somewhere between these two types of homes, you’d have many more choices available to you by expanding your options to include prime secondary areas of the city that are outside the CBD. 

The south-eastern area of Sukhumvit Road, Town in Town, Rama 9 and the northern region of Bangkok around Ratchada are all prime secondary locations that offer a relatively easy commute into the CBD and lower land costs.   

Buyers looking for homes in these secondary areas most always have a wide range of choices in facilities and amenities that buyers house-hunting only in the CBD area don’t have. Gated communities in these areas offer community swimming pools, fitness rooms and children’s playgrounds. 

Many international schools have built their campuses close to these areas as these areas appeal to families more than the CBD area. There is less traffic and pollution in these areas of Bangkok. The areas are generally quieter as well. 

Lower Prices Mean More Options

Looking at houses for sale in Bangkok in these areas, it becomes apparent that the lower land costs benefit the homeowner in more ways than just financial savings. The lots are generally large enough to house a garden or private swimming pool. Larger lots also mean the owner has many more choices available in the styles of homes they build on the lots. There is less need to build vertically, and this translates into more spacious rooms in the home. And a greater feeling of openness to the entire house. There is also more parking space available, so the owners don’t have to park their cars on the street.

By accepting a little less convenience in their commute, homeowners in these areas can afford a much better and bigger home. They can also enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city. 

These areas are continuing to increase in popularity, which means that this type of lifestyle is attractive to more and more city-dwellers who are willing to take the plunge and move farther away from central Bangkok.