What Is Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

What Is Vitamin Infusion Therapy?

There are different times when infusion therapies are provided to individuals when they are receiving treatments. During the 1980s organizations began providing infusion therapies to individuals outside of the hospital setting. Because organizations began emphasizing reducing the cost of patient care and the administration of therapy, it became popular to offer outpatient services.

There is more attention placed on vitamin infusion therapies as some have offered their support of these treatments. Individuals have credited the treatments for providing increased energy. The treatments occur at different locations which include an individual’s home, in a medical clinic, and when someone is out in the community.

When someone receives vitamin infusion therapy, the treatment should be provided by a medical professional in a clean environment that’s free from hazards.

Individuals that receive vitamin therapy

There are benefits that individuals receive from taking vitamin infusion therapy. People who have stomach ailments or gastrointestinal issues can benefit from vitamin therapy because they receive nutrients that their stomachs cannot absorb.

When patients receive vitamin treatment at home, individuals can resume their activities after the therapy ends which is an important aspect of infusion therapy services. Infusion therapy received at home is less expensive than receiving this service in a medical center.

The vitamins that are received by an infusion under the care of a medical professional absorb into the bloodstream at a 90% rate which is 40% higher than taking vitamins by mouth. The treatments take between 20 and 60 minutes to occur.

When a person receives an IV vitamin treatment, the vitamins go directly into the bloodstream and impact the cells because the vitamins enter the body at higher levels than what individuals receive from food consumption. Individuals can use these nutrients because the body tries to keep the vitamins at high levels and use these vitamins to fight diseases.

Pharmacists mix the infusion a physician prescribes and a healthcare professional such as a nurse administers the infusion. This monitoring occurs to make sure that the levels of vitamins and minerals provided to individuals are correct and that the patient does not have adverse side effects.


Vitamin infusions are used to treat the following.

•    Asthma

•    Chronic fatigue

•    Muscle spasms

•    Sinus infections

•    Allergies

•    Angina

•    Hyperthyroidism

•    Migraine headaches

•    Pain

•    Dehydration

Vitamin infusions

Vitamin infusions may contain amino acids and antioxidants. The vitamins that are in IV infusion treatments are commonly the ones that the human body is familiar with such as the following.

•    Vitamin C

•    Vitamin B

•    calcium

•    magnesium

There are risks that are associate with vitamin infusion therapy. Individuals can experience blot clots, swelling, air embolisms which may cause a stroke. If someone consumes too many electrolytes, they can have an excessive amount of fluid which can cause issues with the heart, brain, and kidneys.

Have a consultation

Patients should consult with their physician and determine if they may have issues with receiving an IV vitamin treatment. They should ask their physician if they may have an adverse reaction based on medical concerns. Individuals can research IV treatments that can help them with vitamin deficiencies that experience to see if their physician can assist them.

Board certification

Patients should seek IV vitamin treatment from board-certified physicians. The clinic where the treatment occurs should be clean and the individuals who help the patients should use good healthcare practices and wear gloves when working with patients. Patients should check the credentials of the facility where they will receive vitamin treatment to make sure the site is reputable. If there are issues, individuals can choose another treatment site.

IV vitamin treatments can help people with certain medical issues. By meeting with a physician and addressing their personal medical history, individuals can determine if vitamin treatment will benefit their healthcare needs. People should take the time to explore the credentials of the site where they plan to receive vitamin treatments to confirm the site can meet their needs.

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