How a Professional Redesign Can Revamp Your Website

How a Professional Redesign Can Revamp Your Website

It has been known for many years that having a website is vital for any business. That being said, companies need to keep their websites updated as the years go by. In a competitive world with so many companies and websites competing for a limited number of customers and top spots in search engine results pages, it’s more important than ever to have a good website. If your current website was designed a few years ago, the following are a few reasons that having it redesigned can help revamp its effectiveness.

It Will Work Better on Mobile Devices

Depending on how long ago your current website was created, it may not be designed for optimal appearance and functionality on mobile devices. As of recently, approximately two billion people access the internet only through their smartphones. If your current web design is turning these people off, you are losing out on an incredible amount of money. Mobile phone usage is only expected to go higher with nearly three-quarters of the world using them to access the internet by 2025.

Improving the User’s Experience

Perhaps your current website was put together by you or another co-founder of your small business when you were just starting out. This may be necessary in the beginning when money is going out and precious little is coming in. If you’ve experienced some success since then, however, it may be time for a professional redesign. Professional websites are typically better designed in terms of being easy for visitors to navigate and find what they are looking for. This results in a better experience for them and a higher probability of them converting into a customer for you.

Avoid Instantly Repelling Prospective Customers

If your current web design is really lacking in professional appearance and functionality, visitors are going to notice. A website redesign that looks like it was designed in 2008 indicates a company that is not changing with the times, and companies that don’t change with the times typically die. Older sites tend to be less visually compelling and don’t use the latest coding that makes them perform better. Visually drab sites that don’t work well turn off visitors, which means you lose customers.

Improving Your SEO

Search engines such as Google are constantly changing their search algorithms. This means that what Google looks for on your website when deciding how high to rank it is constantly being adjusted. For just one example, Google came out with an algorithm update years ago that placed a higher value on websites being mobile-friendly. A digital agency that specializes in web design will be keeping up on these changes. They will be able to give you a website redesign that utilizes the latest coding, framework, navigation, content and other attributes that search engines look for when ranking your site’s webpages under those keywords that bring you targeted traffic.

Boost Conversions

A lot of the above ways a redesign can help your website all really add up to this major benefit. Improved mobile-friendly access, higher SEO rankings and a beautiful looking and functioning website that provides an intuitive user experience will convert more visitors into leads and customers. This is what makes the money for a professional redesign worth it over trying to do it yourself and hoping for the best. You may think you are saving yourself money by going that route, but if so, you’re not adding in all the lost sales over the months and years ahead.
That’s not to say that you can’t learn how to build an excellent website and put one together yourself. There are plenty of tips available for making a good website, and there are endless tutorials for everything online nowadays. Presumably, though, you already have a business you are working hard at, so you would have to consider the opportunity cost of your time. It may simply be easier to leave a revamped website to a professional while you get ready to serve all the customers it brings your way.

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