Four ways to personalize your Smartwatch

Four ways to personalize your Smartwatch

If you probably love fashion, then maybe once in your life you have spent a couple of hundreds of dollars on a watch. A smartwatch is often on your wrist. Smartwatches feature incredible specifications. At times, you may customize it to reflect your particular style.

In this blog, we will tell you ways you can personalize your Smartwatch to suit your required style. The article will look into the best smartwatches and consider different ways you can customize your accessory to suit your elegance. The main areas of customization include watch bands, software watch faces, and color.

Customizable watches

Products such as Samsung and Pebble are available in various colors, as well as band choices. Therefore, consider your style, price range, and design before purchase.

•    Apple watches – there are enough options for customization of this Smartwatch. You can choose a casing that is either rose gold aluminum, gold aluminum, space black stainless steel, or space gray aluminum color. After the housing, choose the band design and size. You have the option of rubberized sport, various leather colors, stainless steel Milanese and many more.

•    Motorola Moto 360- if you have purchased this elegant Smartwatch, chances are that you stand out due to its unique rounded design. The world is your oyster when you choose to customize this watch. You have a variety of combinations for color. Also, you have different casing sizes to choose from to personalize your smartwatch experience and choose from three bezel options available for this product. You can add textured finishes if you want to do so. Customizable features to choose from are bands, case, and watch face.

•    Huawei watches- this is a sports smartwatch with a circular face. This gives the impression of a timepiece as opposed to present tech. The variety of designs provide this wearable watch a unique stainless-steel model, including a leather strap. You can also choose the jewel model containing stainless steel that is gold plated.

•    Blocks smartwatch- if you need to make a statement, this honorable Smartwatch can be pre-ordered from the Blocks website. It has a modular design that allows you to choose various colors based on your taste. The blocks smartwatch customization is mainly done for functionality as opposed to aesthetics.

Hardware customization

When adding personality to your watch based on your panache, hardware customization is quickly done and does not cost much. Your unique look is noticeable once you get the right hardware.

•    Apple watches: You can change the rubberized sport wrist band to a Milanese loop band that is stainless steel. The option to use a calf-leather buckle strap that has a classic look is open for you too.

•    Pebble- Pebble smartwatches are more standardized and require the purchase of straps for various models. You can get these accessories on Amazon and other eCommerce sites to find the style you need for this smartwatch brand.

•    Wear OS devices- customize the hardware of this Smartwatch using any 22mm watch band. You can inquire from the retailer if you are unsure.

Overall, personalizing your smartwatch hardware is only accessible when changing the wrist band. Replacing the casing is not advisable for any smartwatch. Consider the color of the housing before you choose to customize the wrist band.

Software smartwatch customization

Most software customizations are done via appropriate app stores. Mostly, you have the option to change your watch face when you visit the smartwatch Appstore. You are in for a surprise from the myriad of choices you have when you choose to change your smartwatch face aesthetically. Points to note include.

•    Apple smartwatch does not use third-party faces. However, you have the option to include stock prices, weather updates, and include photos stored on your iPhone.

•    Pebble products accept the third party faces from the Appstore. You can mimic analog watches, and highlight weather updates and game style interface.

•    With Wear OS, you have tons to choose from a third party Appstore. Choose interfaces from MANGO, Melissa Joy Manning, and Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto.

To summarize, when customizing smartwatch software, do not be shy to delve into the setting menu. Here, you have enough software customizations to choose from to make your wearable Smartwatch unique and give you that look of elegance coupled with technology.