Benefits of a Car Wrap Over Painting Your Vehicle

Benefits of a Car Wrap Over Painting Your Vehicle

Traditionally, if you wanted to make your vehicle unique, you had to paint it. Now, vinyl car wraps are becoming a new craze for many who want a unique look and for businesses alike. Knowing the many benefits that car wraps possess over a traditional paint job can have you electing to purchase one soon.

It Goes On Quick

When comparing the time of painting a vehicle with multiple coats and wrapping a vehicle, wrapping wins. While the exact amount of time it will take for the wrap to be installed will vary depending on the vehicle’s size, the complexity of design, and what parts of the vehicle are getting wrapped, it only takes about one to five days to complete. Painting a vehicle can take three days to a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of the paint job.

It’s Cheaper

Vehicle wraps can be much cheaper than paying a professional to paint your vehicle. The price of your wrap is going to vary depending on its size, complexity of design, and so forth. However, most range in the $1,000 to $2,000 range. To get a vehicle painted with the same level of quality, you’re looking at an average of $3,500.

Protects Your Original Paint

When a vehicle wrap is applied to your vehicle, it works to preserve your OEM paint. This is perfect if you would like to resell the vehicle in the future. You’ll simply just need to remove the wrap and you’ll have a perfect looking paint job without any extra effort. Contrary to what some people believe, car wraps don’t damage the existing paint job on a vehicle.

Various Available Looks

If you’ve done your own surveying of some vinyl car wraps, you know that they can be designed to pretty much look like any material you would like. Finishes like chrome and leather are more expensive and difficult to get without a wrap. With a vinyl car wrap, you have many choices including matte, gloss, semi-gloss, carbon fiber, matte metallic, and brushed steel.

They Don’t Void Your Lease Agreement

If you regularly lease vehicles instead of buying them, you know that there are many set rules you have to follow. Not changing the paint color of the vehicle is one of them. You can easily get around this rule with a vinyl car wrap. You can have the vehicle wrapped in whatever color you would like or even a specific design that you’re fond of. When it’s time to return your leased vehicle, simply remove the wrap and the original paint job will be as good as new.

You Can Go Custom

When it comes to painting your car, you’re mainly restricted to picking certain colors. When it comes to a vinyl car wrap, you can customize it to the hilt. This is one major benefit that businesses all over the country are currently taking advantage of. They can have their business name, phone number, slogan, logos, and other pictures on their vehicle wraps. This is much cheaper to do than paying a specialized paint service to put all of this detail on your vehicle.

It Won’t Fade Over Time

One major disadvantage of vehicle paint is that it fades over time when the UV rays hit it. If you’ve ever seen an older vehicle with the paint fading and chipping, you’ve seen the wrath of UV rays. When you opt for vinyl, you don’t have to worry about UV rays ruining your day. The vinyl has a good bit of thickness to it and is wrapped with laminate. This protects it from undergoing any sort of negative effects from the sun.

After reading through these benefits, it’s no wonder why car wraps are considered an amazing product. They provide more versatility, customization, and durability than traditional vehicle paint. If you’ve been considering getting your vehicle wrapped, it’s time to get it done so you can take advantage of all of these benefits.

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