4 Reasons Your Kids Would love Learning Code

4 Reasons Your Kids Would love Learning Code

Come to think of it, coding for kids seems impossible, right? Truly envisioning young brains on how to build apps, website development is cumbersome. However, thanks to the dynamic internet diversity we are experiencing today. Things are no longer the same as we used to see coding as an odd hobby for most learned programming personalities. In these digital era children learning how to code is like reading. According to research, when kids learn how to code at an early stage, they get to understand digital devices profoundly. Therefore, as parents, we ought to give our kids the best coding facilities in achievement innovation led-society in the future.

Just to confirm, do you know if your kids love learning code comprehending its applications easier. Let’s visualize together Rebecca’s a 14-year-old girl success story on coding. Rebecca’s coding journey began at iD Tech Camps in Cambridge. Her passion for success started when she was introduced to enthralling technological career opportunities in coding. Through resiliency and desire in coding, Rebecca is now the most renowned advocate for young girls at STEM and program manager at Microsoft. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see your kids testifying the same through do coding at an early age?

Let’s closely examine why your kids would love learning code at such an early age.

1. Coding Has Become A Prerequisite In The Digital Era

Truly, today’s kids are growing in a different technological environment than their parents. Contrary to our growing times nowadays, computers, Facebook, Netflix, and technological gadgets have become embedded in their lives. To be adept at how to use technological devices and the logic behind their functionality are two different aspects. Most kids are enthusiastic about learning the science that controls the internet-based devices they are using.

Your kids may love learning code to be part of a massive digital shift and understand how to consume the technology at hand actively.

2. To come up with the next significant technological innovation

Most kids are desirous of preeminent technological discoverers existing in this era. If you ask any of them, you might end up being astonished by the ideas they have in mind. However, this can only be brought into practice if only they are boosted into reality. If your kids love innovations, encourage them to learn basic coding. This will boost their acceptability to design what they think is possible to build.

3. Be pioneers of changing in the world

Earlier, like two centuries ago, people relied on writing words to convey their ideas. However, days have changed as enacting change does not require words alone but digital platforms. Despite how your technological idea is lucrative in written form, it can’t bring change in itself.

Coding is essential in making the idea come into reality. If your kid loves learning coding, then motivate them as understanding one programming aspect means one step closer to the opportunities.

4. To develop resilience

Kids who learn coding at a young age is fantastic, yet the best way of acquiring the soft skill of resilience. Coding is beyond the writing line of codes. Mostly it examines how best to use machine language in directing the computer to achieve the desired output. Sometimes to young coders developing failing programs from time to time builds their understanding of common mistakes they make. This builds robust resiliency in them. If your kids have been admiring to learn to code, this is the best time to build their determination and perseverance.

Learning machine language is just like any other language kids can learn. The same case as languages opens up communicating techniques of kids, so do programming. It develops their innovation thinking capacities to create technologies to impact those around them positively. Therefore, allowing them to understand the logic under which computers operate is an added advantage. This is a sure pace of their bright future!

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