America’s New Apollo Program

By Tom Pittman

As important as it is to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus outbreak, studies say that Covid-19 “will quickly rebound” again once social restraints are lifted. 

To effectively neutralize Covid-19, the United States must embrace a simple three-part strategy, according to Trevor Bedford, an epidemiologist at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. 

At the current time it appears that the U.S. strategy for mitigating Covid-19 is to use social distancing to keep the number of Covid-19 cases small enough so that patients can be treated within the constraints of our medical system, and a vaccine can be readily available for those who have escaped infection. 

The problem is the United States would have to do this for “potentially 18 months or more” according to a study published today by researchers from the Imperial College of London

Dr. Bedford’s three-part strategy mitigates the Covid-19 crisis in far less time.  

First, the United States needs at-home delivery of swabs with centralized lab-based processing, combined with drive-through testing facilities
Covid-19 tests have to be so plentiful that every concerned person can be tested as often as needed. 

Second, every mobile phone owner would need to install a specific Covid-19 tracking app, and allow the app access to the phone’s location data. 
This way, when a person tests positive, every person who has been around the infected person during the incubation period can get an instant, automatic notification to go get another Covid-19 test, and to go into self-isolation until they have the test results. 

Third, those who have recovered from Covid-19 are highly likely to possess immunity. Consequently, the Covid-19 app can certify these people as cleared to fully return to the workforce and keep society functioning


“This is the Apollo program of our times,” Bedford tweeted on March 18, 2020. “Let’s get to it.”