Medical Software – Medical Devices

The medical world is continuously evolving, and so are medical devices. Outdated, old, devices cannot hold a candle to the newest X series created by It has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. They know that you need a device that is as convenient and intuitive to use as can be. A device that is perfectly sized for carrying around. The X series is a monitor and defibrillator in one, yet is small and compact, making it easy to transport around and store. They are also sold at as reasonable a price as possible to maximize their availability in the hospital. One in every room would be optimal.

The X series is half the weight of the devices you may carry today and is up to 3x more effective than the older devices. Someone treated using an X series have their odds of survival from cardiac arrests increased by as much as 300%. It has integrated ECG management and STEMI systems. It is far more advanced in this regard than its predecessor. Additionally, the X series devices are all wifi capable meaning all recorded data is immediately transferable to all other Zolldata devices and software. This seamless integration makes the X series second to none.

When it comes to money, these devices are far more affordable than you might expect. They are reasonably priced to make them accessible to every medical department across the country. They are so exceptionally valuable as a tool that they really should be kept in every ward of the hospital. The cost of phasing out older devices for the newer X series might seem a lot at first, but the man-hours cut out from automated data transfers will soon recoup the cost. The pay off from making this investment is huge. It saves time, it saves money, and most importantly the Zolldata’s X series saves lives.