4 Tips For Selling Items On Etsy

If you’re a small business owner who creates unique and one of a kind products, then Etsy is a fantastic place for you to sell to buyers. With over 150 million profiles, there’s no shortage of items to choose from. For this reason, it can be difficult for new Etsy sellers to stand out amongst the competition. Doing so can be a challenge if you don’t know the right tips.

If you’re ready for your Etsy store to take off, then take a look at some of the best advice out there from established Etsy users.

Ship As Soon As Possible

As humans, sometimes, we only think our own time as being valuable; however, in truth, your customers’ time is also valuable. Ideally, you should ship their product within a few days of their purchase. Only in extremely unique made to order circumstances should it take any longer.

One of the first things that online buyers complain about online stores is shipping time. It would be a shame to get a low rating based on slow shipping speeds that reflect poorly on your store as a whole.

Use Quality Photos

Any time that you’re trying to sell online, regardless of what it is that you’re selling, you should always post high-quality photos. Customers are less convinced to buy what you’re selling if your images are grainy or blurred.  

The quality of your photos will help showcase your products better. Even though it may be time-consuming to take pictures yourself in just the right lighting from a great angle, it’s worth the boost in sales!

Know Your Audience

As with any business, it’s critical that you know who you’re trying to sell to. Having an idea of who your target audience is will ensure that you appeal to their interests.

Try to establish what kind of person would buy your products and push your marketing efforts in that direction.  

Carefully Write Product Descriptions

Don’t rush through writing your product descriptions. Make sure that it’s honest and accurate, including any necessary information that your clients should know. 

Writing a basic description without putting thought into words that will catch potential buyers’ attention is a missed opportunity.

Put on your marketing thinking cap and write a description that would make you want to buy the product. By trying to put yourself into your customers’ shoes, you will be able to envision what words might convince someone to buy from you. 

By following this advice and staying focused, you can eventually make a full-time business out of your Etsy store if that’s your goal. As Etsy continues to grow as one of the most popular websites for selling original creations, so will your business.

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