Douglas James Shares: 4 Forgotten Marketing Strategies You Need to Succeed

Most business professionals know the importance of marketing. No matter the venture, it’s important that you have people on your side with the skills to translate your vision to your audience and turn that audience into a client base. With the technology of digital media, however, marketing has become more accessible for those within or outside of the marketing profession. While it’s become a more readily available tool through easy-to-use platform advertising methods, these motions can still go unnoticed without a proper plan, campaign, and execution. In fact, it’s easier now than ever for campaigns to get lost in the sea of online advertising.

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Douglas James is a world-renowned expert in the marketing field. It’s with this experience that he’s been able to help clients see their endeavors succeed. Likewise, Douglas James knows the importance of keeping up with his industry knowledge for his clients and that having a successful strategy backed by this expertise is the difference between your venture into succeeding or failing. That’s why Douglas James is sharing 4 forgotten marketing strategies you need to succeed.


At the end of the day, marketing is the ability to communicate effectively with a variety of clients. It’s important to be able to easily convey your brand on any platform and to any client. Whether it’s through advertising copy or one-on-one with a potential consumer, communication is truly key.


It’s important to provide consistent content to your marketing campaigns to stay in the minds of your clients. It’s not just about one successful day, but rather getting new clients and, most importantly, keeping the clients. By continuing to provide relevant, eye-catching copy, you stay in the minds of consumers through a consistent campaign.


With marketing techniques being more accessible, the industry is oversaturated with new campaigns being shown to your future potential clients every day. Establishing your brand’s voice is more important now than ever. Being able to convey your campaign and make people want to join in is a skill that can’t be ignored. It’s important to dive into the creative niche to produce a product that others are interested in and will, in turn, get them interested in the larger mission of the brand.


Keeping up to date with marketing industry knowledge can be easier said than done. Every week, there are new advancements to the marketing platforms that businesses use today. Not understanding how to stay on top of these changes and advancements can be life or death for your campaign efforts. Our goal is to worry about the technical side of marketing so that you don’t have to and, in turn, keep your brand in front of the right eyes.

Douglas James knows that a bad marketing campaign can be fatal for any brand no matter the potential, which is why he’s made it his business to work with entrepreneurs. By working with these budding brands, he uses his skills to spread the word so that you can get and keep high-quality clients!