Jacques Poujade: 3 Morning Habits to Yield More Business Success

The old saying goes that, “the early bird gets the worm” and the same mindset is often held in business. How you begin your day says a lot about how you’ll run your day. As managing partner at Lend Plus, Jacques Poujade knows the importance of starting your day in a healthy way. As a leader in the financial industry, he’s achieved professional success that is rooted in knowledge, passion, and a strong routine.

Whether you’re an early bird who simply doesn’t feel like they’re getting the most out of their day or a night owl hoping to shift their productivity into the work day, Jacques Poujade shares 3 morning habits to yield more business success.

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How do you organize your day?

Consistency is key. Set your alarm – or alarms – at the same time every morning. Better yet, plan ahead and set an alarm to go to sleep! Think of sleep as a healthy habit. By allowing your body to get into a more set routine with regards to its sleep cycle, you’ll naturally feel more rested over time. It’s important to keep pockets of consistency throughout the day, as well. Whether it’s working out at the same time every day, eating the same well-balanced lunch, or divvying up your tasks in a specific pattern, consistency will help with time and task management.

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What do you do right before leaving the office?

The last thing you do every day should be looking at your schedule for the next day. Doing so will help you set your frame of mind up for the day ahead and know the amount of energy you should put forth from the moment you wake up. It’s easy to go to sleep worrying about a heavy workload in the upcoming day. By attacking it in the evening, you’re allowing yourself an opportunity for a more restful sleep and better attitude towards your day upon waking.

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What tips do you have to anyone struggling to manage their time?

Start your day by doing something just for you. First and foremost, how you feel personally will directly impact how you work that day. Whether you sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee, go to the gym, or meditate, taking time to clear your mind and insight positivity will set you up for success throughout your day in the office. Likewise, these small actions have been proven to positively affect individual moods, which can heighten others’ moods and productivity levels by association.

Many hesitate to add anything more to their already busy schedule. However, most successful people know that adding healthy habits can actually provide you with more productivity throughout the day than any amount of sleep could. It’s with this mindset that these healthy routines are created and nurtured by many. Whether you’re shaking up an old routine or creating one from scratch, increasing productivity is something that everyone has the option of doing and has provided lucrative results for many. Jacques Poujade knows that his reputation as a strong leader and professional success is rooted in more than just his knowledge, but also how he treats and manages his busy schedule.

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