Choosing Smart Security Devices for Your Smart Home

A Smart Home or Connected Home is becoming a well-known phrase which according to MoneySuperMarket 77% of Brits understand what its all about.  With several connected devices in the home controlling heating, lighting, music, refrigeration, and security its easy to see how the home of today has become the home of tomorrow.  Films such as Back to the Future hinted at such devices but who knew that we would have them here in 2019?

From a Smartphone or Smartwatch, or even with just the sound of your voice, you can change the settings on your thermostat, even changing the temperature in each room of your house separately, from the other side of the World.  The same with smart lighting bulbs which can change ambience and colour at the touch of control panel on your smartphone.

But what about security?  The type of security once available only to art museums and the super rich, which detect movement, record footage, and cover all angles of your property are now available to the average domestic home.  Let’s look at some of these smart security devices to understand what they do.

Smart Sensors

If like many you fear coming home from holiday or even work to find that your home has been broken into, smart sensors are the first device you may want to install to cover your home.  They can be installed externally on your property to sense movement at the perimeters, as intruders step onto your land, and also internally to sense movement at all entry points. Starting from as little as £30 per unit, coverage of your whole property is realistic within a relatively small budget to give you peace of mind.  These smart sensors can be set up to instantly notify your chosen smart device or devices when an intruder has been detected and allow you to set automatic responses triggering other smart devices such as alarms or lighting. Hopefully these deterrents should prevent the intruder from going any further to cause damage or burgle.

Smart Cameras

The next step on from smart sensors is smart cameras which like the sensors can be installed around your property to cover key entry points and perimeter entryways.  They will detect movement and when trigger commence sending live footage to your smart device so you know whether the intruder is a person, your cat, or your teenage daughter coming home late.  Having the extra advantage of being able to view the video footage live you can decide what response to take, being able to call emergency services, or prompt a series of other smart devices which might include noisy alarms, lighting to come on or other responses which will hopefully deter the intruder from causing any damage to your property.

Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells are for your front door and can provide live video coverage of the door.  When someone pushes the bell, you can then answer from your smartphone even if you are away from your home.

It won’t be long before home insurance policies take into account your smart devices, resulting in lower premiums, according to Insure4Retirement.


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