Shane Kersh – Reasons to Fall In Love With Blogging

I started my blog after seeing the incredible success which my buddy Shane Kersh had since setting up his fashion blog a couple of years ago. When Shane first set it up I kind of thought that he just wanted a way to express his love of fashion, but I had no idea just how much this would have an impact on his life. Seeing what Shane did really inspired me and that was why I began blogging just over 2 years ago. If this is something which you have been thinking about then it is something which I would completely recommend, and it brings with it so many benefits which you can enjoy. Let’s take a look then at why you are going to fall in love with blogging. 

Creative Expression

The first thing which made me fall in love with blogging was the opportunity that it gives you to express yourself creatively, and nothing is off limits. Once you pick a theme which you are passionate about then you can begin to create content like videos and articles which is a wonderful way of expression. It is really important that you concentrate on high quality content for your blog and this is something which gives you a real focus and something to work on. 

Building the Community 

Something which really blew me away about Shane’s blog was that he had created this really cool community around his blog who checked in almost daily to talk fashion and to comment on the pieces which he was uploading. This is a truly amazing feeling which you get when you understand that those people talking with each other on your blog comments or even on your social media channels, are those who have come together because of what you were able to create. This for me is the essence of what blogging is all about and why it is  such an important tool in the online community. 

Making Money 

Whilst I don’t think that anyone should ever blog for this reason, a lovely benefit of building up a steady following is that you can actually monetize your blog. The easiest way to do this is by selling ad space but you can also sell merchandise on your blog if you so wish, or put affiliate links on the blog and get a commission when people buy. When Shane told me that it was possible to make money from a blog it really blew me away, but I am telling you that you most certainly can. 


Another great benefit of blogging is that you can bag some freebies which companies send your way. Some send these things in the hope that you show them off or review them on your site, others may send them on the condition that you do review them. Either way this is a really cool benefit which you will get from blogging, and it is yet another reason to fall in love with it.