This Platform Is Improving Our Marketplace

Bwanaz is changing our marketplace for the better.

We all know how malls work, but what about an online mall? Bwanaz has a really unique concept that combines wholesale and entrepreneurship in one place.

Online sales have skyrocketed these past few years, people do more than 70% of their shopping through online stores, so why not buy in a place where the consumer can find everything?

What Can We Buy?

Bwanaz has a lot of categories to choose from. We can find anything on the website, at an amazing price. 

Stop spending thousands of dollars on something you can get for cheaper on another website. The categories of products range from beauty, pet products, tech, toys, wedding dresses, sports, and more. 

Benefits for Small Businesses

The thing about Bwanaz is that small local business can buy in bulk at a discounted price, and then sell it at their store. This brings a lot of income for those businesses, and everyone wins in this situation.

We all know that the American Dream consists of owning a successful and profitable business, but this isn’t possible for everyone. That’s when Bwanaz offers them the opportunity to fill out their store with outstanding quality and cost-effective products.

A tough bump that small businesses must overcome is finding the merchandise, and then selling it at a profitable yet competitive price. Some companies can’t do this, so their prices get so high that no one buys from them. 

The price usually drives customers, that’s why Bwanaz allows small businesses to lower the prices because they’re getting them cheaper in the first place. Remember that more affordable prices don’t mean less quality. This website has incredible manufacturers that produce high-quality products but manage to keep their costs low. 

Where and How Can I Buy?

They currently have a website that has many payment options, perfect for everyone. They are also working on an app to make the experience smoother for their clients.

Bwanaz currently accepts PayPal, Payoneer, credit cards, and Stripe. 

Their wide range of payment options is what characterizes their excellent service; the business owners can buy safely and without worrying about the quality of their products.

How Can I Start Selling on Bwanaz?

Some businesses prefer to sell their products on this website, and that’s easy to do too.

Register on their website, fill out the information required, wait for the invitation, and that’s it! The business is allowed to sell on their site. 

Business owners can take a look at the demographics, market data from the sales, and even more.

Final Thoughts 

Owning a business can be tough, but wholesale marketplaces like Bwanaz are excellent to start selling merchandise and for buying products in bulk.