FMEA Software for Production Risk Management

FMEA dates back to the Second World War. One can imagine the importance of assessing potential failures and their consequences, during the war years. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) naturally segued beyond the military to the aerospace and automotive industries.

Fast-forward to the digital age, and we find that FMEA software has streamlined risk analysis in manufacturing, to the extent that turnaround time has been reduced significantly.

FMEA requirements

What stage of product manufacture requires FMEA?

From the design of a product to its shipping out the door, which stage requires FMEA? The answer is quite simple: from the first to the last. Risk assessment and quality assurance are critical components of production, from the design stage through to manufacturing.

Both the potential for a failure and the effects of a failure must be analysed, anticipated, and prioritised. Without DFMEA software (Design FMEA) at the start of a process, it is difficult if not impossible to plan for timelines, staffing, and raw materials. Much of FMEA follows the schema of a flow chart that places DFMEA at the highest levels of FMEA. PFMEA (Process FMEA) enters the flow chart further down the line, when the iterative processes come into play.

Industries that use Skill’s FMEA software

Skill’s FMEA Pro is versatile software. Aside from its extensive experience in the automotive and aerospace industries, Skill Software has developed FMEA packages for the large pharmaceutical sector, as well as other sectors of manufacturing.

What FMEA software actually does

Skill’s FMEA software designs, brings together, and holds together the process of risk management. The software generates the results of an FMEA risk analysis process in an automated control plan with a flow chart that visually demonstrates all processes and procedures. The program learns and the users learn, based on feedback provided by the software. The results of this capitalisation from the generic FMEA to the specific FMEAs, are clear plans and job instructions.

Don’t reinvent the wheel—instead, capitalise!

One-click capitalisation results in:

  • Automatic learning
  • Automatic generation of the control plan
  • Easy flow from the generic to the specific – no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Prevention of isolated carriers of knowledge – all knowledge is stored within the plan

Many business sectors are now looking at risk analysis solutions using FMAE software. This also includes the software development sector. Traditionally, this sector has relied on QA to reduce risk. However, it has begun to join other sectors in their reliance on FMAE software. Skill Software has experience in managing risk analysis in numerous business sectors.
With Skill’s FMEA software, the amount of time saved when working towards an end goal instead of putting out fires, translates into financial gains, and accelerated design-to-market success.

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