Top Instagram marketing trends for 2019

Marketing a brand is fiercely competitive, thanks to the growing trend of low consumer trust, while also expanding the various branches of a business. Be it a small-scale or medium-scale business; everyone is looking for niche channels, which will help them to increase their brand awareness, earn more sales, and engage the audience. On this note, Instagram has helped a lot of businesses to promote their brands and receive traffic. 

In 2019, the competition has gotten even fiercer, the reason for which businesspersons need to implement appropriate marketing strategies for enhancing their Instagram life. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at how you can increase your brand awareness and promote your business over social media. 

Starting with Instagram campaigns 

It is one of the most important strategies which have helped many businesses to get free Instagram followers and increase their brand recognition. Here, you can quickly start some campaigns on Instagrams and promote it using the relevant hashtags. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Instagram campaigns!

1.    Nike has used Instagram campaigns to promote their digital watches, and it did earn the brand considerable popularity. 

2.    If you are looking for pet-related news, search by #PrimePet, and you will get every single post of Amazon on pets. This was a campaign that they started. 

3.    Adidas took help of the Instagram campaigns to promote their Yeezy Boost 350 V2 shoes. 

4.    One of the most popular brands which make use of the Instagram campaigns like no other is Vogue. This international magazine uses Instagram campaigns to lure in the global audience. 

Associate your business with a trending cause

The next step of successful Instagram marketing is to associate your brand or your activity with a growing cause. For example, you have started cleaning the roads and wish to have more workers on the same. So, you can easily associate your profession with businesses like #cleancity, #protect_mothernature, and so on. After all, saving the environment is a growing cause globally. 

Again, if you are looking to promote your business of affordable clothing, look for associations which relate your purpose. All you need to do is have your homework done and a bit of research. 

Make sure to talk to your followers

When you are aiming to get free Instagram followers, you must keep on mind that these followers are there for a reason. They do not need advice because there are many others just like you who could give them more. So, as a service provider or a brand owner, it will be your responsibility to connect with your audience. Talk to the followers, create engaging and conversational posts but never demean your followers. 

Do not over post on Instagram 

For the ones who are using Instagram for the first time, this is a good piece of advice- do not overwork your account or page. Make sure that you are posting regularly but not flooding the feeds of your followers. This will only make you look like a desperate person who is faking their business. 

Use the Instagram tools to know your progress

There are multiple tools present on Instagram, which you can use to identify your growth on Instagram. There is an option called ‘View Insight,’ which will help you to understand how many people have viewed your post, how many have viewed your profile, and so on. 

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