How Mobile Signature Capture is Creating Even More Remote Flexibility

Many companies are switching to a remote model in an effort to cut operational costs and to offer team members more flexibility. This is possible because technology allows it. Phone systems are run through the internet, team collaboration tools are advanced, and now e-signatures are how contracts and agreements are signed.

The signature app makes securing signatures on the go easy, allowing its users to complete the task on their mobile devices and tablets. So, if your business needs to send and execute signed contracts and documents, a mobile signature option is the way to go, as it gives you total flexibility as to where and how you can run your business.

100% Paperless Process

If you were running a business remotely or traveling, it would make document retrieval difficult. Not to mention the storage. Coordinating overnight envelopes for documents would be a hassle and then what do you do with the final signed papers?

An electronic signature app allows you to send and receive contracts and agreements online and then when they are finalized you can store them all in one place. This is secure, safe and very convenient.

Use Any Device: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile

Need to send a contract to be signed but you are traveling? Well, with an option like you can do so from your mobile phone or tablet device. Years ago one would only think about being in an office in order to start a contract execution process.

Not only can you send out via any device, but you can access your account and files at any time. You have no limitations, giving you much more freedom and control of your business.

Allow Multiple Team Members Access

If a business has several employees that handle documents and organize signings, then an e-sign program is a good choice, because it allows you to create logins for each person, allowing them to all access and work, while also making sure everything remains in the same place.

This makes it very simple. Anytime a team member needs something they know there is only one place to turn. Everything is kept organized this way and you never run the risk of losing or misplacing an important signed document.

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