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What is product photography?

Well, it does what it says on the tin. Product photography is when you photograph and edit a picture of a product for advertising purposes. Done professionally, with the corrects materials, camera, lighting, focus and angles, as well as many other technical features, product photography can make your product look great. Visit  Photo Studio Calgary to give you the best shots!

Something slightly different is called commercial photography. This is more common in fast food, architecture, and the selling of clothes. It’s when a photographer and editor use either Photoshop for another editing software to make a product look more attractive. It can help with making that burger. That dress. Although shoes look attractive enough to need to buy them.

Product photography is different because it’s more natural. The product is not supposed to mean misrepresented, or edited so that it’s unrealistic or misrepresented. There needs to be great lighting, the right amount shadows, and no reflections. Shadows and light must also be consistent.

Especially hard to photograph products that are either reflective, white or black (due to the shadows), or transparent.

The Use of Models in Product Photography

As part of the marketing or PR campaign, a lot of time models or celebrities will be used in product photography. This can give a face to a brand or product and show that it is likeable and accepted in its industry. For example, a model may be wearing a brand’s most recent dress to show it off to the brand’s customers.

All of this is simply another way to market and advertise a product. Usually, you’ll find this on billboards and posters, one or on the sides of buses. Adding a model or celebrity into the mix can make things more complicated, as there’s another aspect that needs to be perfectly photographed. This means a professional photographer is needed to get the right results.

Do you need a product photographer?

If you’re looking for a UK leading product photography studio, that has worked with agencies and businesses from large to small and across the country, then BrandXXX is for you. Our pack shot product photography is extremely high-quality, great value, and incredibly stylish. You can use our pack shot in anything, from promotions and catalogues to e-commerce.

We can also offer you a range of other great services, including product videos. BrandXXX believes that videos can supplement and improve still photography if they use together. We have great experience in jewellery and clothing photography in our go-to studio in London.

All of our product photographers are critical thinkers and can solve creative problems. They’ll use innovation to create great products photography for all of our clients’ advertising purchases. Many of our rooms set, advertise months, and lifestyle images have been picked up by most national titles, and now we even offer fully interactive 360° product photography, which is great for user experience on a website.

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