How to Increase Instagram Likes without Using Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags to gain traction on Instagram is effective yet annoying. It is undeniable that a post with tons of hashtags could reach more users, but readers will definitely find you desperate and it might ruin the user experience. To gain more Instagram likes and followers without using hashtags, try the following effective ways we tried.

Hashtag-Free Ways to Increase Instagram Likes

1. Send Tons of Likes

Go on a liking spree and make sure to send numerous likes to your target audience. Actually, an online marketer is the first to experiment on this and received about 6.1 follows and numerous likes every 100 likes he made.

2. Filter

Instagram users tend to like cooler color shades more so consider choosing a cooler-looking filter for your posts. People also love popular Instagram filters like Hefe, Earlybird, Rise, and X-Pro. Moreover, social media scientists named Dan Zarella suggests that images with more cooler greens and blues usually gain more Instagram likes than warmer colors like yellow, red, pink, and orange.

3. Instagram before Mid-Sleep or Leave Work

On Instagram, timing is everything. According to analysts, users mostly recognize posts published at 5 PM and 2 AM. So why not set your alarm today to wake up and post on those hours? You could also schedule your posts according to the study.

4. Post Often

Unlike what other reports say, posting often could actually keep your followers attention. This way, you will be able to receive real Instagram likes more often as well. Besides, increasing your likes requires relevant contents and constant posting so be careful not to mix it up. Posting often doesn’t mean you can post even irrelevant things to your brand, service, or product.

How to Increase Instagram Likes in the Easiest Way?

If you want to get tons of real likes on Instagram but you don’t have the time to go and get it, simply ask Famoid. With their reliable and fast Instagram services, you don’t have to do any of the above-mentioned strategies anymore.

Famoid has been in the industry for years providing pure quality and real likes on Instagram. Brands and people are pleased with their service given the fact that they only provide active and real likes compared to other similar service providers. Having more likes is the easiest way to build up your social media presence in the platform and attract more potential customers. It will also establish a sense of trust and peace of mind for those who want to make a purchase with you.

In this digital age, marketing your brand is now easier using tools like Instagram. So, make sure to strengthen your influence on the platform in order to reach more and convert more. Famoid generates your real likes on Instagram using organic interaction, unlike others who utilize bots. This is the reason why the likes they provide doesn’t vanish unlike others that only lasts for weeks or days.

After receiving your real likes on Instagram, you might still even receive constant likes. When you experience decrease, their 24 hours automatic compensation system will bring it back for you.

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