5 Life-Saving Tips against Sexual Offenders Every Lady Should Remember

It is better to be safe than sorry – classic but gold.

Sexual offense is one of the most common crimes in the world today. Sad and terrifying but true. Take Houston, Texas as an example. This place has one of the highest crime rates in USA. As a matter of fact, according to Neighborhood Scout, offense rate ratio here is 54 to 1000. That is already more than five percent of the total population.

Although we can say that there is always a good and helpful Houston sex offense attorney for every victim, undergoing this process of physical, emotional and even financial stress will never be easy.

Probably you are not from anywhere near Houston or crime rate in your town is not that alarming, these helpful tips can probably save your life or someone else’s one way or another.

1. Trust your instincts

Almost all of the time (if not always), when you feel like something is off, that is most likely 101% accurate. Trust your gut feel and try your best to walk away politely or better yet, as quietly as possible.

But in case of an escalating scene, remember not to be too sensitive in thinking about the attacker’s feelings or what other people would say. React and reject the “did” at once. After all, people around you will always side with the victim. Don’t worry about making a scene in a public place in case this happens – as a matter of fact, this can perhaps save you.

2. Keep calm and stay alert

If there is one thing you should NEVER do in case of subtle or vulgar sexual assault – that is to panic. It is normal to get nervous but be sure to get a hold of yourself and focus. Whatever you will do can be a matter of life and death to you. Most victims cannot escape or do something about the situation due to too much panic and pressure. So stay sharp, think quick and wise to save yourself.

3. Plan to counter and escape in case of attack

This tip may require some knowledge on martial arts or self defense. But merely watching good action movies can also do you some good and teach you some tricks to somehow defend yourself. You don’t need to be an expert black belt martial artist to do this. You just need to give yourself a little time to run at the very least. Maybe a kick in the groin or a solid elbow strike will do.

4. Never accept any food or beverage from a stranger

This is one of the usual move of a sexual offender that does not want to cause a scene. Once you are knocked out or high up on the sky (if you know what I mean), you cannot defend yourself anymore. So just to save yourself from an enormous trouble, NEVER, in any circumstance, accept and swallow any food or drink from a stranger or even a person you barely knew.

5. Come with a trusted company

When going to a party or any gathering that is too far from home, with unfamiliar guests, or when you think you will need to come back late. It is still wise to have a trusted friend with you just to be safe. This may help avoid any impending danger.

Keep in mind all these tips all the time and always be safe without being sorry.

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